Trendy Accessories To Up Your Style Game This Season

Gone are the days when fashion was primarily meant for women. Today, men are at par when it comes to making smashing style statements. It's not just about buying the right shirt or jacket anymore. Men of all ages go out and out when it comes to picking the right accessory to add more character to their looks.

Talk about accessories for men – and all sorts of funky bracelets, stylish pendants, and trendy rings start popping into one's head. Each man has his own distinct style personality, but it's also imperative to understand that style quotient in order to pick the right accessories. On that note, here are some unmissable style choices by Voylla's Dare Dude collection for today's dudes!

Cool Stacked Collection


Perfect for a movie date or a fun outing with your guy gang, here's a collection to show off your carefree self with conviction. Bohemian, braided, leather, multi-stranded, beaded – you name it, we have it!

Nautical Collection


Where spirituality meets style! Here's a striking collection of pendants, bracelets, and rings to add just the right edge to your fashion quotient. Go, rock your high-on-energy dinners and cocktails!

Rugged Rider Collection


Time to flaunt your love for quirky accessories! With so many stunning options on offer, the only thing one needs to take care of is – to not overdo it. One spectacular piece would have a lot more impact than wearing a bit of everything all at once.

Rockstar Collection


Love standing out from the crowd with your stylish accessories? This one's just for you! Let your fascination for cool pendants take the world by storm!

Modern Military Collection


Here's a fabulous collection to add a dash of boldness to your look! The classic combination of military hues and stars is here to rule the fashion world for a long time. Team it up with a cool tee and rock a chic look.

Can't get enough of Voylla's Dare Dude collection? The classy pieces await you and how!

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