Why Religious Jewellery is Always a Favourite


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The festive season is upon us. Heralded by the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the next few months will see all of the country celebrating myriad festivals to invoke the blessings of their chosen deity.

No celebration is complete without festive dressing. And in this context, men are thoroughly spoilt, and how! As far as attire is concerned, each region has its own tradition. Kurta, pyjama, dhoti, lungi or mundu with crisp shirts, whatever your pick, there is always some smart and classic accessory to complement your festive and spiritual look.

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Given the wide variety of customs and traditions in Hindu religion, it comes as no surprise that fashion accessories have been versatile too.


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Lord Ganesh is perhaps the most popular deity to have made his way to every fashion accessory. Ganesh pendants in a variety of styles and finish are the top draws, followed by Ganesha rings, charms on bracelets and so on. Designers can actually have a lot of fun with this icon, as he is most of the most endearing of all the deities in the Hindu pantheon. Gold, silver, oxidised, encrusted without colourful stones, there are a hundred different ways to wear your favourite Ganesh jewellery on your person.


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Other popular motifs and icons include the OM, that adorns just about any kind of accessory Pendants and chains apart, an OM can be emblazoned on a ring or encrusted with stones, worn as a charm on your bracelet too, Om is written in a variety of styles, making it easy for you to pick one for yourself.


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The other popular god, worshipped for his mysticism and divine aura, is Lord Shiva. His trident, damru, and the coiled snake, are the most recognizable physical representation of the deity, who has been a favorite with young men who like to do things differently. Wear your Shiva trident as a ring, pendant or charm, you will always get appreciate looks from people around you.  


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Krishna, Bajrangbali and a host of other Hindu gods have found their place in the contemporary fashion world. They are classic designs with a modern twist, making them a great accessory that underscores your spirituality with style. Coupled with Rudraksha beads for effect, spiritual jewellery can be a great way to feel divine bliss, get into the festive mood and give your style statement the ethic edge.  

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Beyond Hinduism, the one all-time favourite religious icon that has earned a permanent place in the fashion hall of fame, is the holy cross. Worn mostly as a pendant in a variety of finishes and styles, the cross has been a young favourite for generations. You can also wear it as a charm around your wrist.


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Punjabi Kada, or Sikh Kada has been a favourite with most North Indian men, not only does it evoke the blessing of Wahe Guru, but also gives your personality a certain power. It is strength with a touch of spirituality that is all about the human touch and kindness that is so central to the idea of Sikhism.

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Whatever be your choice of spiritual and religious jewellery, do keep in mind that these are more than fashion accessories. Never wear any spiritual jewellery anywhere below your chest on your person and treat it with the respect it deserves.

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