Read 11 Essential Tips : How to Get the Biker Look for Your Next Road Trip

Growing up every one of us has dreamt of riding a bike one day. This dream comes true for everyone someday. While it can easily be termed as the most exciting & heart pumping experience of all, without proper aura, it can get a bit boring. Ask any bike lover, riding a motorcycle is not just driving it but a whole new experience which lets you loose it all at once you twist the throttle & let yourself go wherever your ride takes you! While the experience may sound a bit dreamy, any biker would tell you that it's worth every word. But a memorable ride is incomplete unless you carry a biker attitude & biker look that goes with it! So Here Are 11 Notch Points That Will Help You Gear Up & Ride In Style:

1. Getting Pumped Up:

One needs to own the rugged look & a bulked up physique helps. Hit a gym & try to pump up your overall look that goes with your two wheeler beast. Try to put on some muscle mass, most riders tend to have strong arms so do some exercises that build your biceps with curls & push-ups. Remaining fit & strong physically plays a major part for any long term biker. If you're not fit enough, there's a good chance you won't be able to endure long trips & harsh conditions.

2. Grow A Macho Beard:

Bikers Beard Look Your hairstyle should be a strong statement for anyone around you. Growing a big thick beard is the most suitable option for any tough biker. Getting long flowy hair is also one of the best option to go for. While growing out such long hair may seem to be a challenge, you can also go the other way & get a short haircut.

3. Get A Biker Tattoo:

Biker TattoA biker tattoo is like a cherry on top for anyone who's looking to get the rugged look. But the artwork needs to go with your overall biker vibe. Get a ink of things like skull, flames, bike, milestones, some rider quotes etc. One needs to get a proper biker tattoo to get the rider credibility.

4. Don A Denim:

Bikers Denim Jeans It's necessary to get the rugged look right, which can only be achieved by the perfect clothing wear. A blue or light grey denim jeans are the perfect bottom wear for any rider. They will give you a rugged & tough look like nothing else. Worn out jeans inn black will also do, a denim biker jacket is also a option that many bikers like to keep for a change. A cool belt with your rugged denim will add a classy touch, here are some examples that you can choose from:

5. Wear Biker Boots:

Biker Boots Black leather boots are the only answer to any biker boots. These shoes give you a tough look & strength for your ride-outs. Boots need to be black or brown & a buckle around the ankle or top of the boots.

6. Accessorize Like You Own It:

Online Biker's Accessories
Biker Rings Road Rider Devil Wings Pendant Set Spin Doctor Beaded Gypsy Bracelets Dog Tag Pendant from Biker Collection
Ride in style with these various accessories that you can pair up with your biker outfits. Bracelets, Chains, Pendants & Studs are some of the accessories you can go for. Below are some of the products that will be hard to resist for any true rider:

7. Rock A Black Leather Jacket:

Biker rough tough look Get the most rugged look by going for old, beat up leather jackets. A good leather jacket will keep you safe & warm but also give you a look unparalleled. Leather jackets & biker look go hand in hand like nothing else!

8.  Be The Men In Black, Always:

Well, Black is the new black! A color that never goes of style. Black boots, black jacket, black shirt & denims should be your foremost type of clothing. Black is the only color which has maintained to keep it's charm just like bike riding. Therefore, when in doubt, go for Black!

9. Get Yourself A Motorbike:

Royal Enfield Pangong Tso Lake This tip is a unsaid rule for every biker, while you can get a biker look without a bike too, owning a beast would definitely help you get the biker vibe & aura. There are many bikes which you can own for a unparalleled riding experience but Royal Enfield has surged to be one of the most loved beast for ruling the roads in India. Royal Enfield carries an aura with it which remains unchallenged. Royal Enfield Classic 350, Thunderbird 350, Thunderbird 350X & Bullet 500 are some of the most popular & adored models on Indian roads. Owning one of these is matter of pride for any true rider.

10. Visit Biker Hangout Points:

BIker's Hangout Biking is a group sport & therefore should be enjoyed with people alike. Here are the top 5 mot loved hangout spots for Indian bikers:
A. Biker's Cafe NH-22, Haryana
B. Big Wheels Motoring Cafe, NH-4, Old Mumbai-Pune Highway
C. Biker's Bites, Kolkata
D. Revv Cafe, Delhi
E. Cafe Torque, Bangalore

11. Get, Set, Go:

A bike trip has benefits like no other. Apart from unleashing their adventurous & daring side, it is the perfect way to get to know nature as close as possible & explore every small thing there is to explore. Here are some of the most loved bike trip destinations by Indian Bikers:
1. Manali To Leh Motorcycle Tour:
The ride from Manali to Leh is very popular among bikers. Riders will experience some of the most beautiful passagways like the Khardung La, Rohtang La, Gulaba and Darcha pass. The tour provides enough time to sightsee all the attractions of Leh. Places like Hall of Fame, Magnetic Hill & Sangam are a must visit.
2. Srinagar-Leh-Manali Expedition:
The highway road from Srinagar to Leh & Manali has its own challenges. Along the route, bikers will be passing through The Dal Lake, Lush Meadows Of Kashmir & the Zojila Pass. Experience different cultures & the scenic views are sure to be etched in your memories.
3. Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaiselmer Tour:
There is no better way to explore these cities full of sand dunes other than to take a bike trip in the region. Full of palaces & forts, this trip will mesmerize you like nothing before or after will.
4. Manali To Spiti Valley Tour:
This tour in Himachal Pradesh will get you through some of the most beautiful mountains & valleys of the region. The Chandra Taal Lake, Kee Monastery, Pin Valley, Tabo, Naka, Kalpa, Sangla & Shoja are few of the must go to spots during this trip.
5. Ahmedabad To Rann Of Kutch Tour:
Get ready to be surprised during this tour by the epitome of nature beauty & ethnicity that you are going to experience during this tour. Full moon at the Great Rann of Kutch is suggested to be a liberating & breathtakingly beatiful moment. A tour taken during this time makes it one of the best experience of biker experiences in India. So the trip finally ends with us saying adieu! " Keep Riding, Someday You'll Reach Your Destination! "
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