5 Fashion Accessories To Keep This Winter

Curling up in the blanket and sipping endless cups of hot chocolate..

Lots and lots of layering and not knowing how much is too much?!

Hogging too much and ending up gaining a lot of weight..

Forgetting your friends and family… well, because Home is where the ‘warmth’ is!

High-five to those who want to go in hibernation mode in winters!

Well, we know how winters can be extremely brutal but we’ve rounded up 5 fashion accessories to keep you stylish (and warm) this winter.

Baker Boy Hats01

These hats are cutting the woolen beanie trend and are not only protecting you from the chilly winds but also adding a chic style to your outfit. Opt for knitted hats for the day or a glossy leather hat if it’s an evening party. This trend is yet to pick up in India, so why don’t we have the first mover advantage and make them work at the drop of our hat? *wink*

(Off the topic question: Did this hat take you back to the Oliver Twist days?)

Broad Waist Belts02

This trend is going to take you up a notch thinner if not higher. JThey say, “If you can’t get thin, make your friends FAT!” We might not be able to do this but how about applying this trick to make our body look leaner. Wear it over your coat or a dress and to accentuate your waist.


Let these brooches speak your mind! While everyone’s out there wearing beiges, blacks, greys, maroons and whites, make a statement with these quirky brooches. Wear them on your jacket or put them on your favourite bag, but rest assured to make those heads turn.

Silk Scarves03

This winter trend has got you covered. Quite literally! Cashmere or silk, floral or Aztec, these winter staples are a must-piece in every girl’s wardrobe. Watch the video to learn how to style a scarf in 10 different ways.


(Source: Evelina from Youtube.)

Tassel Earrings04

Be it shoes, bags or jewelry, our Instagram feed has been brimming with the tassel trend. Invest in these statement tassel earrings as this trend is here to stay.

Let us know which accessory you would use for sure? After all, these are not ‘extras’ but change your entire look. Happy Winters!

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