Five Heartfelt Rakhi Messages You Can Share with Your Long-Distance Sibling

Raksha Bandhan is not just a one-day celebration but a reaffirmation of the enduring bond between siblings, irrespective of the distance that separates them. Despite being miles apart, siblings can create lasting memories by not only exchanging Rakhis via post, but also by sharing kind Rakhi messages, starting traditions, and sending mementos.

This Raksha Bandhan, we want to offer you some ideas on how you can do this!

First and foremost, let’s talk about the sacred thread that is the main symbol of Raksha Bandhan – The Rakhi. Instead of buying a Rakhi locally and having to go through the tiresome process of posting it across borders yourself, you can opt to buy a Rakhi online from an e-commerce retailer that offers international shipping! This will ensure that the Rakhi reaches your sibling on time and in the right packaging. You can select from a range of trendy, unique, designer Rakhi’s here on Voylla and have them shipped directly to your loved one.

Now, let’s cover the messages you can share along with the Rakhi. Of course, you must write down a nice thoughtful Rakhi message. But don’t stop there! You can include also include something extra in the note to make your sibling feel cherished and remembered.

We’ve put together 7 such heartfelt Rakhi messages that you can send to your brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan, along with something else that will make them feel special. Here they are:

1. Recipe  
A lot of families bond over home cooked meals around the dinner table. If your family was like that, you can write…

“As Raksha Bandhan approaches, my heart overflows with memories of our cherished moments together. Do you remember the laughter that echoed around the dinner table as we exchanged stories from our days? From the aroma of Mom's cooking to the friendly bickering over the last samosa, every mealtime became a precious occasion filled with love and camaraderie. Even though we're apart this Raksha Bandhan, I find solace in reminiscing about those unforgettable dinners and the countless inside jokes we shared over our favourite dishes. May this day be a reminder of the unbreakable bond we share, woven not just by blood but by the countless laughter-filled conversations.”

To make this Rakhi message extra special, add a recipe for something you ate together as children, something that your mother made on special occasions or something you prepared together when you were craving a midnight snack. This will make this Raksha Bandhan the best they’ve ever experienced!

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2. Playlist
Many sibling relationships are built on shared interests, one of them being listening to music together – be it in the car together on a long drive or just dancing around in your room. Maybe it’s just the fact that your taste in music was influenced by your sibling’s taste and it was something you shared while growing up. If this was the case, here’s what you can write…

“The other day, a song came on over the radio and I was instantly transported back in time. Do you recall the times we spent huddled together, sharing earphones, and exploring new tunes or revisiting our favourite songs? As Raksha Bandhan draws near, my heart brims with nostalgia, reminiscing about the countless moments we've shared filled with the melodies that became the soundtrack of our bond. Even as we find ourselves apart this Rakhi, may it be a celebration of our shared childhood and the irrevocable bond we have! Here's to the songs that have lifted our spirits, the rhythms that have guided our steps, and the melodies that will continue to unite us, no matter the distance.”

Attach a playlist of your shared childhood songs along with this Rakhi message. You can include old songs your parents listened to around you, songs you listened to together as well as the most popular songs from the years that you were growing up.

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3. Quote/ Poem
If you were the kind of sibling pair that always had your noses buried in books, or if your parents read you bedtime stories, you should use that as a jumping off point for your Rakhi message. This message could work even if you have funny memories of doing homework together. Write…

“Recently, my thoughts have been drifting back to the evenings we spent together, immersed in the world of books, and our shared struggles of homework. Though miles may separate us, the pages we turned and the lessons we learned together remain etched in my heart, binding us with the timeless thread of sibling love. Each equation solved and every chapter mastered became a testament to our teamwork and unwavering support for one another. May this Raksha Bandhan be a celebration of our shared love for learning, storytelling, and the simple pleasures of spending time together.”

Accompany this Rakhi message with a quote or poem you remember studying in school or even something from a book that one of you recommended to the other. If history was your favourite subject, the quote could even be from a famous figure in history. Get creative!

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4. Photo Album
Family vacations are a treasure trove of shared memories between many siblings. If your family was the type that always had travel plans during summer, Diwali and/or Christmas holidays, you should make your Rakhi message about those countless joyful memories! Here’s what you can put in your message…

 “Something I have always been very grateful for is the sense of adventure I get from you, thanks to all the family vacations we embarked on together. Each journey is a tapestry woven with laughter, adventure, and the bonds of our shared experiences. From the sandy shores of beaches to the towering peaks of mountains, we explored the world hand in hand, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Though we may find ourselves separated by miles this Raksha Bandhan, I choose to focus on the countless miles we've travelled together instead. Here's to the journeys we've embarked on and the ones that await us in the future!”

 A great bonus with this Rakhi message would be an album of childhood photographs taken over many years on all the different vacations you’ve been on together. It would fill the day with the best memories you two have shared over the years!

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5. Drawing
All children do arts and crafts together, and as a result, you grow up with tons of drawings, cards and hand-drawn posters taped up around your childhood room. If doing crafts together form a big part of your core memories growing up, you could write…

“Do you remember the days when we would sit side by side, armed with crayons, paints, and a world of imagination at our fingertips? As Raksha Bandhan approaches, my heart is flooded with fond memories of our childhood days, especially the countless hours we spent lost in the world of arts and crafts, where creativity knew no bounds and laughter filled the air. Though miles may now separate us, the colours of those cherished moments continue to paint the canvas of our bond, vibrant and enduring. Here's to the masterpieces we've created and the countless more waiting to be discovered, this Raksha Bandhan!”

Add a little drawing of the two of you today, all grown up but side to side, along with this note. Use bright, vibrant colours. Don’t worry about it being good and accurate. Let your playful side run wild and show your love for your sibling through this cute sketch!

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In today's globalized world, families are often spread across continents. More often than not, many siblings find themselves in long-distance relationships, unable to celebrate this festival together physically. However, in this scenario, nurturing long-distance sibling relationships is even more important and requires patience, effort, and a commitment to staying connected.

Shop for a Rakhi online on Voylla and use our international shipping service. And for an added bonus, try out these messages and gestures so that your sibling feels valued and cared for.


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