5 Reactions When You Hear About The End of Season Sale! (..the Minions way!)

Something is in the air. Wait, It’s not love! ;)

We are talking about the End of Season Sale. ❤️ Does it happen to you often that whenever the Season Sale is around the corner, your wardrobe, shoes and accessories play hide and seek with you? You’re suddenly reminded of all the upcoming events that you need to attend! Well, for us, HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!

So, while you’re gritting your teeth and reading this article, let us get you the most common reactions people have when they hear about the End of Season Sale!

1) Yayyyy! #Excitement                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   minionsyay_meme-www-memegen-com Yeah! This one is a no-brainer. You hop from one place to another with an ear touching smile crooning “Because I’m happy” and just can’t get off the Euphoria! Not Euphoria but also Insomnia! You’re obsessed with the thought of swiping your credit/debit card and run away with your shopping bags back home. The excitement is no less than a Minion getting happy on seeing a banana.

2) Holy Cow! #PanicAttack

kM5ZZ “Should I buy the red earrings or the blue one? But I have a coral dress. He just gave me solitaires. But these solitaire earrings are not to miss in the world. God! I still have to buy shoes. Oh Shit! The flash sale is only for 20 minutes more. Grrhh! My head is spinning, nerves are bursting.” Well, this might sound a bit exaggerated. But you got the gist, right? :D Your decision -making skills just take a back seat and put you on a roller coaster ride with no way out. Been there, done that?

3) The-Wait-Is-Finally-Over! #EurekaMomentminion-stuart-dance-gif-1445349814n84gk For such people their joy knows no bounds. After all, they’ve been eyeing on the jewelry since forever and praying for the prices to drop. After incessant sessions on the website rolling the mouse here and there in a hope to get favorite pair of toe rings, they are just basking in the warmth of SALE!

4) Like I Care! #SaleSnob                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   sale snob There are few varieties of homo-sapiens that remain unaffected. I mean, what are you? Inert Gas! But still these people can’t seem to care about such life-altering events. :P

5) There’s Always A Tomorrow! #LazinessOverload                                                                                                     tumblr_mtwyw1rQPV1sne35qo1_400 These people relish on the fact that since they can buy everything from the Sale without burning a hole in the pocket, they procrastinate in order to get luckier with even lesser prices. Well, one can only hope the wait doesn’t turn into a nightmare and the prices don’t hike!

Choose your Minion reaction and check out the hottest End Of Season Sale on Voylla with FLAT 50% off on your favorite jewelry. And wait, we are aware of the shopaholic in you! So, we have a special surprise gift on every purchase of Rs 800 or more.

So, pull up your socks and Sale Away to Jewelryland!

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop. ;)

#HappyShopping ☺️

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