5 Things Only A Father Can Do

They might express less but that doesn't take away the fact that fathers love their children whole-heartedly! From big sacrifices to putting in all efforts to just see their little hearts happy is what makes their love strongest and irreplaceable. Often their love gets overshadowed behind the super-nurturing nature of a mother but what a dad can do only a dad can do!

We've listed down few things that only a superhero aka father can do-

Be a daughter’s first love

sourceA lot has been said about the bond between a father and daughter and it indeed is the most special relationship. Dad sets the benchmark of an ideal man for his daughter and remains her first love forever.

Off-Track Fun

giphy (6)Fathers have a totally different way of having fun with their kids. And yes, nothing like a mother! Their alone time with kids is filled with adventures and off-track activities.

Patient while teaching *cough*

giphyFrom driving to swimming to sports- fathers are patient enough to impart these important lessons to their kids. Well, they might lose their cool sometimes but that's okay!

Anything to keep you happy

giphy (3)Even if that means fulfilling each and every wish of yours- fathers are quite easy . An odd dancing can keep you happy and cheerful? Okay then- done!

Words of Wisdom

giphy (4)Life lessons are best taught by our fathers. Dreams, jobs, life- they've faced it, experienced it and lived it! Nobody can ever give you better advice than him.

Tell us one thing you absolutely love about your father in the comments below.

giphy (2)Happy father's day!    
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