“It is easier for the year to change than to change ourselves. But we believe that somehow, magically, one will lead to the other.heart ”- R. Joseph Hoffmann

There is something hopeful about entering a new year! Especially the resolutions that we make in order to get healthier, fitter and prettier. Alas, things don’t change miraculously and we need to make realistic goals to achieve them. We bring to you seven resolutions that you need to stick to this 2016!

Be More Grateful smiley

Entering a new year comes with nostalgia as well as relief. New Year signifies new opportunities and a new start. Start your day with being grateful to little things around you. Feel gratitude for the shelter that you have, the bed you sleep on, the computer /mobile that you are reading this on, for the food you get to eat, and so on. A survey says that your happiness quotient increases by 25% if you feel thankful and appreciate what you have. Also, you can start the day with the gratitude jar. See below image.

gratituide jar


Organising is the Key 

Start organizing your life whether it’s your desktop or your wardrobe. For some, organizing skills comes easy but for them, it is a resolution they need to struggle to commit to. If there is a pair of shoe that you think you’ll get repaired, DO IT now or give it to a needy. Discard all those clothes that don’t fit you anymore, instead of hoping that one day it will. You can make space for new things in life only when the old ones are out.DECLUTTER


Follow your heart heart

This might sound like a cliché. But that is one thing that most of us forget to do. Make a list of ‘what’ exactly you want in life and keep updating the list. Take time out for that hobby you’ve wanting to do since forever. Have the courage to stand up for yourself and follow your hearts, happiness will eventually follow. Remember that life is too short to not do what you want.

follow your heart


Stay in touch mail

We get so busy with our lives that we forget those friends and cousins we spent the most precious years of our life, our childhood. We live away from our family and hardly call them once a while. What hold you back? Not having enough time is going to be a forever excuse. Facebook, WhatsApp, etc have made our lives easier but unfortunately, more distant. Make it a point to  call your friend instead of just getting away by wishing through electronic media. Stay in contact with your near and dear ones, it always feels awesome. Take our word for it!keep-in-touch-15


Start Saving Money 

No, we are not trying to suggest you to save and save and become stingy. cheeky What we mean is prioritize your expenses. Decide whether buying that jewelry is essential or going on a trip, and then spend wisely.



Well, whether you are wanderlust or not, travelling is always a good idea! It gives us a break from the daily stress and changes the scenery and therefore, our attitude towards life. This year, travel more with your family, friends or even alone and make the most of your money by gaining lifetime experiences.



Keep a journal enlightened

Start putting down your thoughts in a diary or a journal in order to gain more clarity as to what’s happening in your life. They say, “Keep a diary and someday, it will keep you!” Do you guys agree?



Let’s conclude by saying that, ‘Where there’s a will, there is a way!’ smiley So what’s your resolution, folks? Leave us in comments below.  

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