7 Types Of Friends You Have When You Make A Plan!

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. We bring you 7 kinds of friends we come across when we make a 'PLAN' . Check how many you can relate to.

1. The Initiator: He is the unspoken god of all things. He would know all the places to party, the best place to find Chinese or the most affordable place to go for a hangout! In short, he is a living directory. And that is the reason that he is the one who always initiates. He is someone who always believes in taking the whole group together and has patience that could put a monk to shame! Always eager to keep others comfortable, this person would always call everyone personally and would be the whole and sole to bring the hypothesis of “going out” to a reality! Salute to your patience man! ?

2. The Banker ?: He is a total philanthropist when it comes to going out with friends. Because he is loaded with cash, he will always be the first one to pull out his wallet and pay on behalf of everyone. (Yes, such people exist!) And thus, the main reason why people turn up to a group event would be because he is taking care of the expenses. Oh you Richie Rich!

3. The Ditcher: Well, these people are nothing but pesky. With the excitement levels shooting the sky in the first phase of the planning, these are the only ones who would bail out in the end. And the worst part?  The bizarre reasons they give for not coming. It’s difficult to judge whether they would really come or not because they are wavering like an unstable electron. And in the end, the whole plan falls apart like a domino game and the weekend just passes by. ?

4. 4 AM Friends ?:

The gem of all the friends, these ones are the most versatile, most fun to hang out or travel with. The word ‘NO’ probably doesn’t exist in their dictionary because they are up for every damn thing. Hiking to the nearest cliff? Yes! La tomatina festival? Yes! Trip to moon? Yes! :D Ok, we’re kidding, but the most not-fussy, happy-go-lucky friend has to be these people. All you have to do is give them a call to meet and 20 mins later, they’ll be standing at your door!

5. The Busy-Bee ?:

It’s difficult to articulate if they are in the league or not. They would just remind of their presence in virtual world(social media, dude!) but you ask them to meet somewhere and they would prove you that they have business to attend more important than Barack Obama himself! ? Seriously dude, what do you do whole day? Discuss nuclear power peace strategies sitting in the UN? Although it’s easy to tackle such friends as their looming presence doesn’t bug anyone! Stay busy.

6. The Late-comer: Duhh! The perfect party-bummer. These people have no familiarity with the term FOMO and thus they would come crawling at a snail’s pace no matter how early things are planned. ? They would take all the time in the world and the tragedy? The world’s most important tasks will come crashing over them as soon as they are stepping out of the house to meet their friends! Caution: If you want to know the exact time when they will arrive just ring them up and add an hour to the time they have told you because apparently when they said that they are leaving their home, they are actually having a steam bath in their sauna or are relishing on some French fries dipped in sauce ! Huh! Never run out of lies and excuses!

7. The Pessimist: Thou shall not say positive, no matter what! :D This is the root thought in their minds and thus say hello to the most fussy friends in the group! Nothing in the world would capture their attention, not even a trip to the Mt.Everest. These people possess terrific supreme power to bring out the negative side of any plan made! And in case something goes wrong in the trip, they will take the world by storm with their I-told-you-so looks. ? In fact, they can be hired for their skills of critical judgement.

But at the end of the day, no matter what, Har ek friend zaroori hota hai! Tag your best friend in the comments below! ?

#HappyFriendshipDay!  ?

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