9 Must Have Ornaments For A Tamil Bride

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The tradition and culture of any state are reflected in the behavior of the people and the weddings that happen in the region. People in Tamil Nadu are quite receptive to Tamil matrimony sites which make it much convenient for them to fix alliances. These Tamil matrimony sites offer the most relevant and sorted profiles for them to choose from. When talking about the weddings, jewelry forms in an integral part of the tradition and the culture. In Tamil Nadu, you will see everyone wearing gold in some form or the other.

Gold ornaments have significant importance in Tamil matrimony.  All those attending a Tamil wedding ceremony can be seen loaded with attractive gold jewelry. Not to mention, any Tamil bride would make heads turn and heartbeats go up with her elegant looks and mesmerizing ancient temple jewelry.

Adorned in beautifully crafted fashion jewellery pieces from head to toe, the bride is the center of attraction of Tamil wedding. Here is the prominent Bridal Jewellery that adorns the bride.

Metti / Toe Ring

Metti or toe ring is worn by Indian married women. It is a ring made of silver, with two or three line rounds and it is worn in the second and third finger from the toe.

Oddiyanam / HipBelt

Oddiyanam, made of silver or gold is worn around the hip. This ornament not only increases the grace of the bride but also if worn regularly, helps avoid the belly and hip fat. You could hardly see women wearing this, except for the wedding or other traditional functions.

Vanki / Armlets

Vanki or armlets are worn on arms. These usually ‘V’ shaped armlets have an exclusive design in the center and delicately carved peacocks or florals on the side.

Kolusu / Anklet

Kolusu or Anklet, as the name suggests, is worn around the ankle. An anklet is also made up of silver, as wearing gold below the waistline is considered inauspicious.

Maanga Malai

Maanga Malai is a necklace of mango shaped gold pieces, stunning in appearance. It may also have stone studded gold mango pieces struck together with a huge pendant of the encrusted peacock. It is a long necklace that worn on the chest just above the navel and is believed to prevent pulmonary disorders.

Nose Ring or Nose Stud

It can be a small stud with one stone or a bigger one with 7-8 stones. Even in some families, a heavy nose ring is worn by the bride. It is a designer jewel worn in the center of the nose, usually on the left nostril.


There are multiple variations and designs for the earrings that can be chosen as per an individual’s preference. But the essence is that the bridal look is incomplete without these beautiful earrings.


Thalaisamaan is an ornament worn on the forehead. It is shaped like the sun and moon and is worn on the parting of the hair along the forehead.


It looks like a snake, worn on the braided hair in an entangled design and there is a Kunjam at the end of braid.it completes the look of a Tamil bride

All these ornaments put together to complete the looks of a Tamil bride and set her to mesmerize all with her beauty and elegance.
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