Baby On Board? Here’s How To Dress For The Part!

(Guest Post by Afsha Khan, Journalist and Full-Time Writer)

blog-1I have never been known as the most feminine girl in the gang. I wasn’t even considered a ‘girl’ for the longest time, though I won’t go into my issues with that in this post.

I have always been, in my opinion at the very least, an active girl. Practical in what she wears and sufficiently comfortable in flats and tights even when the dress code called for heels and gowns.

But all of that changed the day after I became a mother. Suddenly I wanted to wear the most figure-hugging dresses – how I had missed my flat tummy -and my high heels – being told that heels are off limits only makes you covet them more. But this time around, I wasn’t allowed to.

No, it isn’t because my tummy still looked like there was a 6-month-old fetus lounging inside. Or that I’d found fungus on the soles of my shoes from severe disuse.

It was because, for the first time in my life, I wasn’t dressing to express myself. I was dressing to keep up with a tiny human. And for some strange reason, it’s nearly impossible to find a dress that’s both fashionable and accessible enough to pop one out for a quick feed. If that isn’t aggravating enough, it turns out that heels cannot click clack you to the restroom quick enough to save a whole restaurant from witnessing a poo-nami (I did not devise this pun on a poo resembling a tsumani, though I wish I had).

And that was just in the first three months.

Things got tougher once my baby discovered his hands started to tug at shiny objects, which meant earrings and chains had to put locked away. Dressing to feel good and silently compare waistlines at toddler groups also didn’t work out once we arrived at the station with easel and paint.

There are times when I wonder why I even bother. Perhaps I should just dress like a college tramp again and be grateful I have the privilege to dress up at all. Or do I? I’m not so sure anymore. Not after a recent incident when my toddler decided to yank at my tank top and expose my inners to the security man at the mall. The horror!

Motherhood, if you ask me, is actually easier than the task of dressing up once you become a mother.

Over the last two years, I’ve ruined at least eight dresses, incinerated a pair of denims (don’t ask) and almost suffered a torn earlobe. But that really doesn’t stop me from trying to dress to express. Because when I step out feeling good about myself, the feeling is catchy. Especially to the little monkey who smothers me with hugs and kisses when as I walk in – sticky hands, yogurt stained clothes and all.


The key to accessorizing successfully is to go for form and function over, you know, mere ornamentation. But it’s a good thing that there’s just so much choice available here, making it a breeze to look and feel good without compromising at all. So here are some stunning pieces that I would pick to match my wardrobe on any occasion.


A pretty color that doesn’t shine so bright, tempting little fingers to tug on them. They’re also a soft and gentle shape making them perfect even if they do.


2A stunning piece that will keep everyone entranced – especially the little ones who love to stare at their own reflections.


3Minimalists would absolutely love this one! They’re delicate enough to look good on any outfit and yet, they’re small enough to keep fidgety hands at bay.



So beautiful, so delicate and yet, the perfect accessory for the mom who wishes to make a statement without saying anything at all.


Buy this because you absolutely deserve it. And little kids, especially toddlers just learning to speak, will absolutely love to see their Mommy sporting, not one, but three moons.



Again, the colors and the geometric shape make this a stunning piece to have in your collection. It’s also the perfect item to keep a twitchy toddler busy when you want to talk to an adult for a change.

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