Best 21 Teachers' Day Quotes To Dedicate To Your Favourite Teacher !

Teachers day quotes Teachers' Day is a special day when we can appreciate our Teachers & honor them for their grateful contribution in our lives. Anyone can play the role of Teacher in your life, If you learn something good from someone which helps you to grow in your respective field he/she is your Teacher. You can dedicate some quotes to your TEACHER & make them feel special. You can also gift them some Indian fashion jewellery, accessories for their daily use like handbags & wallets, mobile cover & cases, etc. Teachers' Day is celebrated all over the world but not on the same day. Every country celebrates it on different days and dates. So the question when Teachers' Day celebrated in India? Here are the 21 Quotes and wishes for Teachers' Day. But before going to the quotes we have to know why we celebrate it. In India, we celebrate Teachers' Day on 5th September. India celebrates Teachers' Day as a birthday of the former Indian President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He is a very good Teacher, Scholar, and promoter of education. In India, Teachers' day firstly celebrated in 1962. Well here are the Best 21 Teachers' Day Quotes for your lovely teachers.

#1 Knowledgeable

#2 A Hero


#3 Like A Candle


#4 Think - Create - Love


#5 Real HERO


#6 Big Heart


#7 Influencer


#8 They Matters


#9 Art of Teaching

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

#10 Mentor


#11 The Great Teacher Inspires


#12 Success


#13 Hero


#14 Can Change The World


#15 Because of Teachers


#16 Hope - Imagination - Learning


#17 Loves Learning


#18 Counselor


#19 Life Long Lessons


#20 Hard to Teach


#21 Marvelous

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