Best Budget-Friendly Western Style Dresses That You Can Only Find AT Voylla!

You can’t keep your eyes off of these best budget-friendly western style dresses.

1. A-Line Flared women’s dress-

A-Line Flared Women Dress A-Line Flared Women Dress
A-line dresses are those that fit properly to your waist and then gradually flare toward the hem. This style is a very trending pattern in women’s apparel today. These dresses vary in length and range from mini to floor-length. They may be fit to the waist either by design, elastic or drawstrings and help highlight the shape of a woman’s upper body. It gives the impression of the capital letter A. A lot of these dresses can be found in the Autumn-Winter20 collections this year. These items of women’s clothing help draw attention to the upper body, while the material flows over the lower half of the body.

2. Straight Shirt Style women’s dress-

Straight Shirt Style Women Dress voylla Straight Shirt Style Women Dress voylla
Straight fit dresses are one of the most versatile items of women’s clothing and can be paired in multiple ways to make the dress suitable for work, casual and semi-formal events. Shirt style straight dresses are generally collared and have buttons running down the front of the dress. The dress and sleeve length as usual varies from dress to dress. Nevertheless, all these clothing items, give the torso a longer and more linear look as the result of the straight fit. Many of these dresses come with a front knot, adding a little flair to the dress. These are also widely available in the Autumn-Winter20 clothing line and are easily found on online stores.

3. Mandarin collar checked dress-

A mandarin collar is a high-rise collar band which often comes with a key-hole neckline for women. The high collar in women’s clothing can go as high as a choker band. As the name suggests this design has been adapter from the traditional Chinese outfit style and has been integrated into modern fashion. Checked dresses are an all-time classic and are made to accentuate any body type. It will give you that extra oomph and make you stand out wherever you are.

4. Women straight fit short Kurti-

Women Straight Fit Short Kurti Women Straight Fit Short Kurti
The straight fit short kurtas are a staple of an Indian wardrobe. They can be very easily styled in western fashion by pairing them with a pair of jeans. Short Kurtis are generally printed and are long enough to easily graze the mid-thigh. These are classic items of women’s clothing as it provides a comfortable balance between Western and Indian. The straight fit once again is very comfortable. The short Kurti can also be paired with a Patiala salwar for a more ethnic look.

5. Empire Long Line Kurta-

Empire Line Long Kurta Empire Line Long Kurta
These are inspired by empire-waisted gowns and taper from below the bust to flow along the length of the body. This kind of apparel is either ankle or floor length and is often worn without any bottoms like a dress. They can be paired with leggings, straight pants, and jeans if one wants to wear bottoms. They suit all body types, hence making it a great pick for all women. The empire long line kurta can be used for both formal and informal wears and can be styled according to the occasion.

6. Wide Leg Palazzos-

Women Wide Leg Solid Maroon Palazzos Women Wide Leg Solid Peach Palazzos
Wide leg palazzo pants can essentially be paired with any item in your wardrobe. These comfortable pants generally come with an elastic waist and reach down to the ankles. A variety of colors are available in these pants and they can be paired with Indian wear, western wear, and fusion wear. Palazzo pants are a very common sight today. Most people are familiar with them and opt to wear them because of the comfort level they provide. Palazzo pants can also be equipped with pockets which are a plus point in pants for women.

7. Floor-length flared kurta-

Floor Length Flared Style Kurta Floor Length Flared Style Kurta
A floor-length flared kurta helps spruce up and bring life to any woman’s wardrobe. These kurtas graze the floor and are extremely flowy. The sleeve length may vary from sleeveless to full sleeves and can be worn for any occasion depending on the fabric and print. Simple cotton. Flared kurtas are perfect for casual and office wear. These outfits can also be worn without. Pants as they generally cover the ankles but can also be worn with leggings and churidars.

8. Checked A-line dress-

These checked a-line dresses also have the high-rise mandarin collar but with a cut instead of a key-hole pattern. This extra comfy dress comes with a cloth belt that needs to be tied, along with pockets. The midi is perfect for casual outings and is very comfortable pieces of women’s apparel. The checks are a part of the recent fashion trends and the A-line dress causes the outfit to flare towards the end, making it suitable for everyone.

9. A-line geometric print Kurta-

A-Line Geometric Print Kurta A-Line Geometric Print Kurta
This range of Indian wear comes in a variety of patterns and colors and are generally very bright and catchy. They can be worn as midi dresses if flared or with. Any kind of solid-colored, Indian styled bottoms. The geometric prints make the apparel very attractive to the eye and are almost always multicolored.

10. Round neck straight fit short Kurti-

Round Neck Straight Fit Kurti Round Neck Straight Fit Kurti
A round neck will help accentuate other aspects of the outfit, like necklaces that we pair with it. A straight fit Kurti does not restrict comfort and movement in any way. The length of the Kurti ranges from upper-thigh to mid-thigh and can be paired with jeans, jeggings, and Indian styled bottoms.
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