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We all talk about needing just the right match for the dress that we have carefully picked for a special occasion. Normally it involves a lot of trips with the garment in hand and frustration as just the right shade simply does not exist, anywhere!
Imagine we simplify it so much, that you just have to upload picture of the dress, and voila – you get the best match out of our collection of 50000 products in a split second!
Our Brand New Mobile App does exactly that-- Match The Dress – Matching Online Jewellery For Every Dress! [caption id="attachment_3944" align="aligncenter" width="138"]Voylla: Match The Dress App Voylla: Match The Dress App[/caption]
The Starting Point:
The size of the App is just 15MB and, it is made for everyone. A must-have app for fashionistas! With it, Shine at your next –together and be ready to field all the compliments! The web-based application is also available on our website, making it easy for you to filter the color codes in case you are shopping via our website. Click here to visit the app page on the play store. [caption id="attachment_3945" align="aligncenter" width="171"]Voylla: Match The Dress App Voylla: Match The Dress App[/caption]
Make The Step Capture a picture of the dress you would like to match with our jewellery
[caption id="attachment_3946" align="aligncenter" width="145"]Voylla: Match The Dress App Voylla: Match The Dress App[/caption]
App will then read all the colors present in the image. You can the choose the exact color you are looking from the color palette .
Here, you have to make the smart move just by tapping on the desired color. [caption id="attachment_3947" align="aligncenter" width="140"]Voylla: Match The Dress App Voylla: Match The Dress App[/caption]
The app will look for the category of products available in that color to make it easy for you to select what exactly you want to shop and what we have in our store.
For e.g. If the color is red and if this color is available with the earrings, necklace sets, and bags then the app will show these options to get you straight to the lot of desired categories of products. 6
Once you tell the APP what you are looking for, the smart process is ready to FIND jewellery matching the dress. This way the APP will show the list of products available with and you can start doing the easy, simple & fast shopping with its help.
[caption id="attachment_3949" align="aligncenter" width="174"]Voylla: Match The App Dress Voylla: Match The App Dress[/caption]
And just like that you have the exact match for your dress on your finger tips! Flaunt the dress and the jewellery at you next meet up and be ready to field all compliments! – Always beautiful!
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