Choose Necklace Complementing Your Face Shape And Look Perfect

Face shape plays a significant role whether we talk about makeup, hair or clothing. Experts say there are 5 basic face shapes. It looks simple to identify your face shape but it is not easy to judge your face cut. Look below to decide your face shape.    In this blog, I'm going to suggest you some wonderful ideas of how to look beautiful by selecting the variety of jewellery according to your face cut.   You can’t avoid anything just because you are following your favourite star. You don't have the same personality or face cut. Try to avoid copying them. You have other alternates by which you can look gorgeous and sexy at the same time. Choosing the wrong jewellery will put a bad impression just because of lacking in handpicking your kind of jewellery with your face shape.   Whichever category you fit into, choose jewellery enhancing your best features and bring forward the best you. Allow us to be your guide for some time, and check to see what jewellery suits you best.   Oval Face An oval face is neither round nor long, it's a balance of both. This face shape is very common and can easily play around with jewellery and choose what suits best.   download (6)download (4)Image courtesy: 22karatjewellery,,,
Can be of any shape. Long strings of pearls will lengthen the torso. Choker emphasises a long neck. Add more of dramatic designs.   Round Face This face shape is not angular at all. While choosing jewellery for this face shape, one should choose the jewellery which will lengthen its appearance. Try to focus lower on the neckline.   download (7)Image Courtesy:   Necklace Pieces which creates 'V' draws the focus lower the neckline. Chokers, collars and princess lengths are avoidable. Use longer lengths to lengthen the look of the face.     Rectangular or Oblong Face This shape is longer than it is wide. Choose jewellery which shortens the length and tries to make the sharp lines look softer.   download (20)Image courtesy: Necklace Chokers, collars and princess lengths are best for this shape. Pick designs which ended with a 'U' shape. Choose larger designs or rounded neck wires to draw more attention towards the neckline. Short lengths would be complementing.     Heart Shape Face We can also call it an inverted triangle shape. A face can be of any length. Jewellery should create an illusion of narrower forehead and wider jawline.   download (18)download (19)Image courtesy: Tanishq, Deepika Padukone Vogue photoshoot June 2014,  Necklace Short necklace set with curved shapes. Chokers and collars can work well. Add longer lengths with short lengths to balance. Rounded neck wires can also work.   Square Face This face shape is with a sharp jaw. The jewellery you wear should be of little length. There should be a balance in defining length.   download (14)Image courtesy: Lakme Fashion Week Necklace Choose pendants with carved detailing. Use lengths and curves to soften the face. Avoid chokers that are overly chunky. Necklaces with pendants or other focal components.     Now, hope you all sorted with the face shapes. It's time to choose jewellery complementing your face shape. If you like the post friends do like, share & comment. And keep loving. Stay tuned for more updates.        
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