Divine Ganesha Collection

Lord Ganesha is our mentor and protector. While we always pray for him to guide and protect us in life and in our endeavors, we also certainly wish this upon those who we consider to be dear to us. While wishing well for someone is a beautiful gesture in itself, you can also show the same appreciations and blessings through the medium of gifts. For this, Voylla has come up with a range of jewelry gifting items which are appropriate for all men, women and children and is a great way to pass on a piece of God and his blessings to your loved ones. Of all the jewelry designs, the Ganpati, Om and Rudraksh are the ones that are the most commonly used and these holy patterns are exactly what Voylla has incorporated with its wide range of pendants, rings and bracelets.

1. Lord Ganesha Pendant

Various designs of the lord ganesha pendants are available for both men and women. These pendants are gold and silver plated and have very elegant and ornate designs, that make the accessory more appealing. Many of these pendants come with a Surya (also known as the sun) surrounding the Ganpati. These pendants are a great gift choice for people of all ages. Many of these pendants come with embedded stones and mahadevrudraksh and provide a wide range of choice of designs for us to pick from. Many of the pendants are also dual tones and are very smoothly and beautifully shaped, making the product even more appealing.
Dual Plated Lord Ganesha Pendant Without Chain For Men From Dare by Voylla Lord Idol Ganesh Pendant Without Chain For Men From Dare by Voylla Ganesha Pendant With Chain Dare By Voylla For Men Lord Ganesh Pendent With Tulsi Beaded Chain Ganesh With OM Pendant With Chain

2. Ganesh design Choker Necklace

These necklaces are the perfect gifts for teenagers and young women who like to stick to their style aesthetic. Chokers are snug, tight fitting pieces of jewelry that gained popularity in the 90s. The choker trend returns from time to time and are accessories loved by women today. Keeping this in mind, Voylla has integrated the om and Ganpati pendants with the classic black chokers. These items of accessories are very attractive to look at. This thick black choker with the Ganesh pendant is extremely attractive to look at and makes an amazing and stylish gift for your loved ones, a perfect combination of fashion with religion.

3. Spiritual Lord Ganesh ring

Voylla also has gifts for men in its Shree Ganesh range and the Spiritual lord Ganesh Ring is the perfect example of this. The lord Ganesh ring is made of brass and is golden in colour. Two options are available in this ring. One is with an embellished flower motif, while the other one is a detailed ring with embellishments running around the figurine of the divine lord. Both these rings look exceptionally classy and can be gifted as a sign of goodwill and good luck to someone you know. These rings are extreme comfortable and can be used for daily wear as well.

4. Aum/Om pendant

The Om is a spiritual symbol that represents the essence of ultimate reality or consciousness. Gifting someone an item with the symbol of om is considered as an act of good will and a blessing for all future endeavors. Exactly for such occasions, Voylla has a range of om pendants in various designs and colors. Some of the most popular are the tear drop om pendant, the om encircled by the sun and the floral om pendant. These pendants are available both with and without embellishments and in gold, silver or mixed colors. Many of these designs are unisex in nature and can hence be gifted to both men and women of all ages.
Religious OM Pendant Inspired by Spiritual Saga Spiritual Saga Inspired OM Krishna Pendant Rudraksha Studded OM Pendant With Chain Faith & Trust Gold Plated OM Pendant Blue Enamelled Mahadev OM Rudraksha Necklace

5. Tiger’s Eye Jewelry

The tiger’s eye is a stone of protection and brings good luck to the wearer. It is also said that the stone has the ability to focus the mind, promote mental clarity and assists in an objective solving of problems. It also helps to heal psychosomatic illness, anxiety and dispel fear. Whether the stone does do all this is debatable, but these are a few reasons that make Tiger stone jewelry a good choice of gift for someone you care about.   A wide range of jewelry with the tiger stone is available on the Voylla website. Most of the tiger eye accessories are suitable gifts for both men and women. Unfortunately, sizes in the rings are not available for children as of now. These includes colored stone chains, the tiger eye round and oval cut stone rings and a Hamsa Men’s bracelet. Many of these items can be gifted to both men and women but the gifts are ideally suited for men. Many of the tiger eye stone accessories are combined with the Om, Buddha and Griffin Motif necklaces and bracelets. These combined designs help add a little style to the tiger stone.

6. Rudraksha Jewelry

Rudraksha is a seed that are used as prayer beads in the Indian religion. There are different types of Rudrakhsha’s and each of these serve a different purpose. It helps create a cocoon of your own energy, giving you a feeling of home, no matter where you are. It also helps sense negative and positive energy and conserve the positive ones. The auspicious Rudraksha beads are either embedded with the Om or Ganpati in the form of pendants or are available in the form of bracelets. The rudraksha’s are also combined with the sun, a trishul or as a part of the Gadha of Hanuman in the form of pendants. The rudraksha’s are also available with om charms and the Ganpati surrounded by the sun. The Rudraksha can be worn by a person of any age and are suitable gifts for men.

7. The Tulsi Chain Necklace

The tulsi chain prevents the wearer from the evil eye and helps the wearer gain health and peace. It helps purify the body and helps induce peace of mind in the wearer. Voylla has these tulsi beaded necklace with pendants in the form of Ganpati and an elephant. They are available in colors that are gold and silver and make for nice gifts for your loved ones. These are also unisex pieces of jewelry but are more preferable for men. These gifts are from the exclusive Ganesh Chaturthi range of Voylla. There are many more options available on the official Voylla website. So this festival season, gift your loved ones these beautiful accessories and shower them with an abundance of blessings and love.
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