How To Dress Like A Woman Who Inspires A Taj Mahal

Who would you rather be? A man's first love or his last romance?

Poets and philosophers have long debated on what men and women want from a relationship.

Shah Jahan probably knew the answer – which is why he built the world's most well-known symbol of love – the Taj Mahal – in the memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz.

There are many who find this ivory mausoleum that stands over the tomb of the most beautiful woman of the time, to be cold, frosty.

But only a truly romantic heart would find the passionate touches in the white architectural marvel that is reflected in the dark waters of the Yamuna. In the flourish of the bejeweled flowers, the delicate tendrils, the jaali – work on the windows, in the glimmer of the gold outline, there is love, there is life, in this ode to a dear departed.

Who would not want to be the woman who inspires such a majestic gesture of love?

Inspired by the Taj Mahal is a collection that takes the soul of this beauty and enigma and fashions it into pieces of contemporary jewelry, that add oodles of sass to the woman who dares to wear it.

Statement necklaces with pearl and hand enameled Taj Mahal motifs, grand earrings that sparkle in the moonlight and chokers to adorn your delicate neckline, this is one of the most romantic collections of jewelry from Studio Voylla.


So, this festive season, if you want to be a lover's muse, a Mumtaz to your Shah Jahan, here are some tips from our style editors to help you #lookthepart


There is no beating this classic combination when topped with a hint of gold. Team your white and gold kasavu sarees, banarasi or chanderis with our statement necklaces inspired by the Taj Mahal and be ready to be serenaded.


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Supposed to be super sensitive to the touch, your ears deserve our sumptuous earrings inspired by the Taj Wear them with soft curls, braids or classic buns, he will itchto whisper sweet nothings into them. Trust us!


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Are you the flame that drives him mad with desire? #Lookthepart in our sensuous chokers that do justice to your perfect collar bones. Or wear a statement necklace with your deep cut blouses. Keep your eye makeup smoky and sensational.


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