Five Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2019

Get your closet Spring-Summer ready, we get you some handy tips on what to shop for. From runways to high street fashion, here are five jewellery ideas that are likely to hog the limelight this year. Go ahead, take a look!

1. Gold Is Gold:

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2. Drop Earrings:

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If you have loved the shoulder duster designer earrings that were oh-so-hot last year, fret not. Drop earrings are set to remain on the fashion shelves this year too with a twist on the older styles. Think sleeker designs, pop of colors, jewel tones and semi-precious stones in the detailing. Perfect for glamming up your spring-summer evenings.

3. Animal Prints and Motifs:

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Animal prints, like the flared denim, has been one fashion trend that refuses to be forgotten. Big cat prints are likely to remain on store shelves all through the year, and you may well pair it with jewelry that has plenty of animal motifs. Men can choose from cuffs and buttons with big cats motifs, women can give in to their wild side with inspired jewelry as well - pendants, charm, bracelets and more.

4. Body Jewelry:

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The top draw of 2018, the matha patti or maang tika, will have plenty of company this year. Think body jewelry that adorns everything from your waist and ankle to shoulders, arms and more. Think cross body chains with charms and fine detailing, body chains in gold and pearl that kiss your supple back, anklets that caress your well-groomed ankles, waist chains, thigh chains, slave cuffs.

5. Charms and Flowers:

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This is set to be a charming year with pretty detailing on all the online jewellery that you can wear. Enameled jewellery has been winning our hearts of late, and now it is set for another run with charms on our wrists, anklets, and earrings. Add a bunch of flowers to the trend and you are all set for 2019.
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