How To Do Make Up This Summer! ?

The scorching heat of the summers is back, and along with it has returned our fear for sweaty faces and melting makeup! No matter how much we love summers (thinking of all those water sports, cute dresses and bathing suits!), this one thing takes it all away!

We bring to you makeup tips to keep you fresh this summer. ☀

  1.     BB/CC Cream or Tinted MoisturizerSummer-Makeup-Blog-08

Say goodbye to your thick foundations and instead opt for a BB/CC Creams or tinted moisturizers. These creams are lighter in weight as compared to foundations and also work as sunscreens. There are many options available with SPF 30+. Try them!

  1.     Dare To Go Bare!Summer-Makeup-Blog-05

No makeup is the new makeup trend this summer. Try to go out with minimum or no makeup and flaunt your natural beauty. This will prevent the melting makeup and let your skin breathe (your skin will thank you for it). You can choose to go minimalistic by opting for a blush, tinted lip balm for a flush of colour and a concealer for the spots.

  1.    Lip StainsSummer-Makeup-Blog-07

Wearing heavy, super sticky lipsticks in this hot weather is a task in itself. Ditch those heavy matte lipsticks for lip stains. Lip stains are lighter and smoother to glide on lips as compared to lipsticks. If you prefer using lipstick, try applying foundation or a primer on your lips first. It will create a base and will last longer.

  1.    Vibrant ToesSummer-Makeup-Blog-04

As soon as summer hits, it’s time for a nice pedicure and cute sandals. While you do that, do not forget to pamper your toes with some vibrant nail paints. Any colour that is bright enough to shout summer or spring is good (put your dark hued nail paints in the back for autumn/winters).

  1.    Smudge-free Eye LinersSummer-Makeup-Blog-09

The most frightening thing in summers for every girl is the black smears under her eyes due to the smudging kohl and eye liners. To avoid that, opt for a water proof or a smudge proof formula. Great options are available these days in gel, liquid and pencil liners.

  1.    Mascara: Waterproof or Water Resistant?Summer-Makeup-Blog-02

One of the biggest dilemmas we have to face while shopping for cosmetics is to choose from waterproof and water resistant mascaras, when most of us are not even clear with the difference. Waterproof mascaras do not allow water penetration and have strong formulas. They are difficult to remove and thus harsh on eyes. These are best when we go for a swim. Water Resistant Mascaras have comparatively less strong formulas. They are strong enough to resist our everyday sweating without melting away. They are easy to remove and gentle on eyes. So, opt for a waterproof mascara whenever going for a swim, and use a water resistant one for everyday use.

  1.    Blotting PapersSummer-Makeup-Blog-06

Makeup artists swear by this product for summers as an essential. Whenever you’re out in the heat and sweat begins to melt your pretty makeup away, blot that excess moisture with a blotting paper. This will save your makeup from ruining without creating any smudges or creases. So ladies, do not forget to step out without blotting papers for that excess oil! Also, be sure to BLOT, not rub!

  1.    Spritz with a Face MistSummer-Makeup-Blog-03

We all get that feeling when we’re drained and dull from the blazing heat, and all we need is a splash of freshness. That’s when a face mist comes into picture. Spritz some mist on your face to refresh your skin instantly or dab it with a blotting paper to unveil the glowing skin.

Now that we have a few tips on hand on how to play with our makeup products during the summertime, next in step is to add some bling from Voylla to complete our look. A piece of jewel can convert any outfit from drab to fab. ?There’s no more running away from what we love. So, get your beauty tools out ladies and get going!

Happy Summers! (And no, it’s not a myth! ?)

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