It is said that "Highway" depicts every woman's internal journey to freedom" Do You Agree?

As the International women's day is here we are discussing Imtiaz Ali's movie "Highway", he Movie "Highway"[/caption] which recently hit the theaters in India. It premiered at the Berlin Film festival in the first week of February and created a buzz across Europe.

The movie was shown at Berlin Film Festival[/caption] This movie is a love story between a desperado and a beautiful rich girl whom he accidentally kidnaps. To many this story is not very convincing, especially the fact that the female lead of the movie oozes Stockholm syndrome at a time when horrific gang rapes are making headlines in India.

Alia & Imtiaz Ali Promoting their Film in Bangalore[/caption] But still Ali's direction has created a really beautiful fantasy world based on the classical Sita-Ravana model. In the movie Alia Bhatt gets a free rein to project herself with unabashed teenage appeal. Besides this the movie has certain elements in it which are simply beautiful one is Anil Mehta’s cinematography. If you have not seen the film it was shot and improvised as the cast and crew drove across six states. We can see how Mehta’s camera caresses the changing terrain and one can almost feel the difference as it moves from the bleached salt pans of Rajasthan to the crisp air of Kashmir. On the top of it there is AR Rahman’s soulful music — especially Patakha Guddi — and above all. But the real icing on the cake is Alia Bhatt’s performance. There were two scenes that displayed her honesty and courage, both as actor and character exceptionally well. The film fraternity has also applauded this film immensely, Alia's father Mahesh Bhatt after watching the movie tweeted Thank you Imtiaz Ali for making Alia ‘live’ the role of her lifetime.

Mahesh Bhatt Also Loved His Daughter's Performance in the Movie[/caption] The women of our country will empathise with this heartfelt tale.(sic). On the other hand a one of a kind, friendly gesture, Ranbir Kapoor chatted up Imtiaz Ali and Alia Bhatt on their new film Highway for the TV news channel Times Now. This show was aired on 20th Feb at 11.30pm exclusively on Times Now.

Ranveer Helps in Promoting The Movie[/caption] Alia's elder sister Pooja Bhatt tweeted that #Highway heralds Alia Bhatt’s birth as an actor Pooja Bhatt Says #Highway heralds Alia Bhatt’s birth as an actor [/caption]!!! while Alia's Godfather Karan Johar has tweeted that I felt like a proud Parent when I saw #Highway...Alia Bhatt is exceptional!!!

Karan Johar Praised Alia's Performance[/caption] Adding #Highway is Imtiaz Ali unplugged!! Out of his comfort and totally in command...Randeep is superb and Anil Mehta's finest work to date!!! One more thing about this movie is that Alia Bhatt is not only the film's leading lady, but she has also sung one of the songs in the movie. The chirpy actress has sung a very soulful lullaby song, Sooha Saha. Alia shared the making of the song in her interview recently.

Alia Sang For Highway[/caption] On the whole the film has a lot of good things about it so please share your views about this road movie "Highway". Also answer whether you agree with the statement that it depicts a woman's internal journey to freedom or not.

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