The missile man : A tribute to Dr.Kalam by Voylla

The missile man APJ Abdul Kalam was 83 when he passed away. He collapsed while giving a speech at IIM Shillong. Doctors claim it to be a symptom of cardiac arrest .
But perhaps it was his wish, fulfilled -he died doing what he loved the most - spreading knowledge.

He was a man who believed in ideas and the struggle to implement those ideas through the means of young generation.

In his book "Transcedence-My spiritual experiences with Pramukh Swamiji" he rightly said - "The golden age is before us, not behind us. For this, all religions should promote peace,and above all, eliminate hatred towards people of other faith and beliefs".
Kalam knew that the significant change cannot be brought through Governments or politicians, it is the young generation with ‘Ignited Minds’ can bring upon change by growing up to be the ‘noble citizens of the country’.

A Tribute to Dr. Kalam

Today, let us all make a promise - A promise to keep his spirit alive. A promise to fight everything from cleanliness to corruption to make India a better place.
A promise to lead India .

Voylla pays tribute to the missile man and prays for the well-being of his soul.
You have gone sir, but you have left footprints in our hearts and your mission will live on.

October 15, 1931 – July 27, 2015

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