Ombre- Celebrating the Joyous Palette of Colors

It would be oh-so-boring if life was all black and white. Or simply this and that and nothing else in between, right? Our artists gave flight to their imagination with Ombre, which is a joyous celebration of colors and their many shades.

Designed to perk up even the simplest of outfits and add a sparkle of the most boring days, Ombre is like freshly brewed, aromatic coffee, on a cold Monday morning. We are totally lusting over these pretty color palettes. What about you?

It is a carnival out there with pinks and yellows doing a sensuous Salsa. Perfect conversation starters aren’t they?

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Every time we see a lovingly hand-crafted pair of flowers, our hearts do a somersault. This petite pair of lotus blooms is the picture of perfection. And there is no reason why you should not wear them tomorrow to work or to your date!

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The word amazement has a maze in their heart… so do these pretty earrings. Edgy without being fierce, we love the elegance.

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What is blue and beautiful? Our Sea Blue earrings that play with two elegant shades of the color in a perfect jhumki.

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