Photos: A Star Studded COLDPLAY Concert

The most anticipated COLDPLAY concert was held on Saturday and all the tinsel-town celebs glammed up the evening along with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The audience was a good number of 85000 people where the enthusiastic people stood in the queues from 8 am while the function actually started at 3 pm. Alongside COLDPLAY were Jay Z, Demi Lovato and of course our Bollywood stars for fillers.

Chris Martin entered the stage with a Hindi line “Yeh hamari khush kismati hai ke hum is duniya mein aaye hai" and left the audience awe-struck. The band covered its hits like Fix You, Paradise, The Scientist, Yellow from the past and present and left no stone unturned in making its first concert memorable. One of the best moments from the evening was Chris Martin singing the first two lines from Channa Mereya and Vande Mataram with the legend A.R Rahman. Take a look at the star-studded event!

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