Planning To Propose? Here's Your Cheat Sheet!

Flutters, shivers, sleepless nights; Will she, won't she? Are you on the proposal wagon this Valentine's Day? And now that you have found the one you'd want to spend the rest of your life with, here comes the second part-PROPOSAL! It's one of the most memorable days and hence its has to be meaningful, memorable, and last but definitely not the least, one she can not refuse.

Here is a quick cheat sheet to make the day most beautiful day of your life.

Involve the best friend

chocolate-day-13Make her best friend your confidante, you will need her all through this path, and more so after the question is popped.  You will find out a lot about her preferences and choices, helping you sweep her off her feet.

Include Music

chocolate-day-04As they say, music the language of the soul. Invest a lot of time learning the language that touches her heart and soul. Ensure you incorporate one song that puts a big smile on her face in the proposal setting. If you want it classy, arrange for a live band, or if you have time and talent by your side, sing or play an instrument.


chocolate-day-02This is the moment you are going to talk about for a long time. Invest in it. Indulge, get the best wine, book the best eatery, or plan a trip together to a beautiful hideaway.


chocolate-day-11Spend a lot of time learning as much as you can about her, find out what are interests her the most and incorporate that element in your proposal. If she loves Bollywood, find out her favorite move, and recreate the proposal scene from the movie for her. If books are more of her style, use excerpts of her favorite book to propose to her.

A small tip: A Mr Darcy proposal will never not work on a bibliophile.


chocolate-day-05Do not copy. Period. There could be no other bigger turn-off.  She will swoon over the effort you have put, however sloppily done. A perfect imitation will not even come close. So add a “you” element to it.


chocolate-day-14Dress to impress. Use your best attire, perfume, and accessory. Not only will this help you make an offer she can't refuse, she will also notice the effort you have put in.

As the countdown begins, push the pedal on your preparation.  Dropping down on your knees and uttering the three magical words for the queen of your heart, will be memorable, mystical, and all thing nice, with a little effort.

We would love to know how did it go for you. Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section!


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