Resurrecting Legacy with Patola

In today’s age, the mantra of success for any consumer-facing business is to get a product to the market within no time. However, getting craft and art to the audience requires valuable months, sometimes even years. Voylla strikes a perfect balance between both; a successful business venture with the traditional craft at heart. patola Indian craftsmanship is celebrated around the word for its artistry. Voylla, which has been reimagining traditional crafts for the modern age, has taken cues from ancient art form Patan Patola, to create vibrant, contemporary and classic designs with the Patola collection. This collection keeps up with the current trend of designs using age-old craftsmanship. Patola is the ultimate manifestation of weaving perfection. This unique weave, usually made from silk, is a double Ikat and combines the techniques of tying, dyeing, and weaving. Displacement of even one yarn can result in pattern distortion. Likewise, the dyeing and the weaving process is extremely intricate, requiring mathematical precision paired with a vivid imagination. The complexity and time-intensiveness are what make Patola so valuable!
patola Collection patola Collection
Patola saris are woven using dyed threads both vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft) to create the design. The strings are dyed according to a pattern, and the dye marks align when woven, forming the pattern on the cloth. The double Ikat weave means once the saree is woven, you cannot differentiate between the sides – the color and the intensity, the feel and the look, are same on both sides. The most common motifs used in Patola are geometric designs of flowers, animals like elephants, birds like parrots, and human figures. The Patola worn by Muslim community has just geometrical designs sans motifs throughout the fabric. Patola weaving requires a lot of mental calculations, patience, undivided attention and dexterity of the hand. A computerized machine or power loom is inept when it comes to this art. It takes combined efforts of four weavers anywhere between four to six months, sometimes even more, to weave a single saree.
Dark Blue Phul Bhat Patola Ring Orange n Blue Phulwadi Patola Necklace Set Green Patan Patola Necklace Set Dual-Hued Patan Patola Necklace Set
Patola inspired jewellery collection of Voylla aims to make the traditional Handloom & Handicrafts techniques more relevant by changing design forms. With Voylla’s expertise and motifs from Patola, this handcrafted and traditional jewellery becomes luxurious and engrained with fashion-lingo of today’s panache. Carefully handcrafted, the collection draws inspiration from the double ikat weave design to create a style statement which is royal and classic. Designed over a gold-toned background, the product range comes in a rich mix of colors of red, green, blue, yellow and orange. Bringing to life India’s art forms in its jewellery, Voylla’s Patola collection consists of attractive & designer earrings, rings, and neckpieces; which promise to add a charismatic touch to your look. Eminent textile revivalist and entrepreneur Bela Sanghvi has been instrumental in reviving antiquated handloom weaving and handicraft techniques since the last 40 years. This collection, aimed at recuperating Patola, has been fashioned in collaboration with her knowledge and expertise.
Blue n Red Chokta Patola Necklace Cream Nari Kunjar Patola Necklace Blue n Red Phul Bhat Patola Necklace Set
The jewellery is designed using authentic Patola colors. All the vibrant colors in Patola have a story and significance to it. Patola designs and colors are just not put together for the heck of it but involve a lot of thought and significance. When you gift a Patola to someone you make a wish for them. You can gift it to your mother, daughter, sister or wife. Voylla’s fashion jewellery, Patola in a contemporary way, it’s versatile and can be worn with a plethora of attires. Patola is not only a collection, its color therapy you need to indulge in today!
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