Studio Voylla...The Bold New Destination For Artistic Jewelry!

It's opulent, lush and grand! Studio Voylla is about the collection of jewelry that breathes life into your bijoux box. It's an ultimate destination for fashion-forwards who have a refined taste in fashion, jewelry and lifestyle. Our repertoire features our country that is rich in heritage through Nawabi, Jaipur, Kutch and Folklore and acknowledges the world-class architecture through Trikona and Aztec Allure. Making nature, heritage and warriors their muse, the designers have put their soul in this collection that is heirloom worthy.

Eminent designers like Aastha Jain and Roopa Vora have glorified Studio Voylla with their intricately designed masterpieces. Their philosophy is to amalgamate art, culture and imagination in jewelry. Each jewelry piece has a story to tell. Come, experience the magic of these handcrafted pieces!

Collections of Studio Voylla

1. Nawabi

nawabi-for-blog Designer Niyati Nehra loves the Lucknowi andaaz. And it shows in the inspiration she has drawn from the city's architecture, the bright and opulent interiors, costumes, the music and the culture. Three-dimensional jewelry inspired by the labyrinth, jharokha inspired earrings, ghagra inspired anklets with polki, pearls and rich enamelling are the signature of this royal collection. Immerse yourself in the splendours of the Nawabi courts.

2. Warrior Princess

015 The gleaming metal of the sharpest swords poised to strike inspired this stunning collection. Sharp, provocative, stunning – each piece in this collection is a story in itself. Armours, shields, swords, daggers and arrows – the weapons of choice for legendary women who have lead winning armies in battles, inspired the knuckle-rings, earrings, ear cuffs and necklaces crafted in metal and faceted stones.

3. Kutch

folklore-for-blog Colourful, feisty, bright, fun and artistic, the Kutch Collection draws its inspiration from the enchanting land of Kutch, Gujarat, and its mystical and ethereal heritage. Each piece in this versatile collection is a true work of art and infuses traditional craftsmanship with a modern chic vibe.  Take home a piece of mythical splendour with a beautiful jewel from the land of Kutch.


016-1The swirl of colourful ghagras against the shimmering dunes of Rajasthan, the perfectly balanced brass and earthen pots on dancers who sway and pirouette to the beat and tunes of folk music, their feet perched on glass or a sword’s edge…. Bhavai, the dance form that comes from the land of the greatest warriors, adventurers and aesthetes, has inspired this riveting collection by Shruti Naredi.  Go ahead, wear a piece of Folklore and break into a little jig.

5. Ajrakh Collection


Ajrakh is a block printed cloth in rich and yet subtle colours of red and indigo, yellow and black with delicate, symmetrical patterns in the background interspersed with brilliant white spaces that make the designs stand out without distracting. The craft that dates back to the Indus Valley civilisation makes use of only natural, vegetable dyes for shawls, dupattas and other drapes. Highly valued and perfected over time among the Sindhi community and Kutch in Gujarat, Ajrakh ethos today inspires innovative, contemporary and classic expressions in style. Voylla designer Pragya has taken artistic notes from this unique craft to design haath phools, collared necklaces, ear rings and pendants that are both minimalistic and elegant. In silver plated metal with enamelled highlights and tassels, the jewelry in Ajrakh collection is sheer poetry. Steeped in tradition and chic in its demeanour, the collection is perfect for the modern young woman who loves to wear jewels that carry their own stories. The paisleys and floral motifs are perfect for lounging at a heritage resort just as they add a sparkle to your everyday wear. Teamed with palazzos or maxis, skirts or even hand woven sarees, each piece of artistic creation in this collection is a beautiful verse crafted in metal. Wear an Ajrakh today, wear a piece of poetry.

6. Garden of Eden (Aastha Jain)

01-5For Studio Voylla, Aastha presents Garden of Eden - inspired by the beauty and form of nature. "All artists, whether painters, musicians, writers or designers, seek their muse in Mother Nature," says Aastha. And Nature blooms in this exquisite collection of accessories crafted in silver and other precious material. A blush of roses from an English garden, a cluster of dainty flowers from the pristine Himalayan slopes, the colours of fall and the spring foliage of the highlands... it is a cheerful collage of nature's brightest, prettiest and boldest designs.

Come to the enchanted Garden... immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

7. Mermaid by Bohemian (Roopa Vora)

02-4Turquoise, aquamarine, whites and golds - the colour palette of this exclusive curation by Roopa Vohra House of Design for Studio Voylla is all about celebrating the bounty and beauty of the ocean. With coloured stones, druzy, gold alloy and mother of pearls, the jewels in this collection are inspired by the spirit of the ocean that the mythical mermaids carried in their hearts. Mystical, alluring, free-spirited and enchanting - this collection is all about channeling your inner mermaid.

8. Trikona

tikona-for-blogOne of the most stable shapes created by man has defined this unique collection. From the mystical geometric symbols in India to the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the Louvre in Paris, the Trikona has been an integral part of art, mysticism and fashion.

Studio Voylla has juxtaposed rich legacy of high-quality craftsmanship with the essence of modernity. It's a fashion revolution to watch out for!


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