Style is an expression of your individuality Says Soonam Kapoor!

sonam_events1 Sonam Kapoor is a style Diva who never fails to surprise, so it is no surprise that she has been selected as the winner of Hindustan Times's Mumbai’s Most Stylish 2013. Later she discussed her views on fashion, style, and some legendary all time icons that she looks up to. In the interview, she also shared some great tips on how to pick the right jewellery to accessorize your outfit. When she was asked how she would define her style quotient, she replied that your personality and mood are reflected in what you wear adding that she has an eclectic taste. She thinks that her style is a good mix of glamour and old-world charm. [caption id="attachment_1418" align="alignnone" width="800"]Cocktail Rings are Oh So Stylish! Cocktail Rings are Oh So Stylish![/caption] Talking about her go to outfit she shared that a beautiful chiffon sari is something that has never let her down she went on to add that she will never wear anything that looks like a cheap spandex. The legendary icons that she has always looked up to are Gayatri Devi, Audrey Hepburn, Maharani Indira Devi of Cooch Behar, Coco Chanel, Katherine Hepburn, Kate Moss, Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly. When asked about what are staple jewels that should be part of any chic lady's jewel box she said solitary earrings, bracelet and gold chains top the list. There should also be some Bangles and big traditional Indian neckpiece. [caption id="attachment_1422" align="alignnone" width="800"]Traditional Necklaces adorned by Sonam Traditional Necklaces adorned by Sonam[/caption] For all the would-be brides Sonam suggests that when they are getting married, instead of opting for one big neckpiece, girls should wear two-three pieces, which can be worn later as well. Danglers earrings, maang tikka another must-haves for all who want to make a style statement with their jewels. Cocktail rings also feature on Soonam's must-have jewellery list. [caption id="attachment_1420" align="alignnone" width="700"]Saree is Sonam's Favourite Outfit Saree is Sonam's Favourite Outfit[/caption] In the end, she defined her style quotient in these words, "Style is all about being comfortable" She said that she does not believe in following a style because it is a trend she always picks out the outfit or jewellery in which she is comfortable.

Big-Bold Danglers or Simple Studs Earrings is an essential element of any Jewellery Ensemble

Big-Bold Danglers or Simple Studs-Earrings is an essential element of any Jewellery Ensemble

Bride-To-Be Should Try Two-or Three Necklaces Instead of a single neckpiece

Bride-To-Be Should Try Two-or Three Necklaces Instead of a single neckpiece

Maang tikka a must-have for all who want to make a style statement

Maang tikka a must have for all who want to make a style statement: Sonam So, Voylla congratulates Soonam for yet another achievement. Please leave comments about this post and also share which other celebrity who deserves to be called 'Most Stylish'. Will be back with more on Style & Fashion Jewellery Till then remember Voylla, Its All About Style!
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