The Art of Layering Necklaces

It’s all about personalizing your style these days, just putting on your clothes and accessorizing it with a thing is just too passé. We all like to add that personal touch, whether it is by adding on layers of clothes or accessories to make it some unique of our own. One trend which is really catching up these days is the necklace layering trend, many bloggers have been spotted with the same. In case you have been willing to try the same but have been confused about how to go with it, here are some tips, which will make you look like a pro at this. The Number: Layering too many necklaces at once can make you look like a Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights. You sure do not want to look like that... do you? Keeping it on the safe side, do not layer more than 3 necklaces at once, unless you know how to rock this trend. collage3 The Distance: Layered necklaces look good only when you give the individual necklaces some space to flaunt themselves. So it is important that you give some gap between the layers and not concentrate the beauties at one place only. The Thickness: It is best if layering is done on thin necklaces; otherwise it could lead to a lot chaos and would not present a pretty picture. So, same thickness necklaces are the best, when it comes to layering. collage2 The Material: Now, this is a tricky one. It is best not to go too overboard with the mix of metals. A silver and gold do not look great together most of the times, and it also depends on the clothes you are wearing. Similarly pearls would not look nice either. So your safest bet here would be picking up just one material and mixing with the same. Necklace layering actually goes with everything, a cowl neck top, a peter pan shirt, a scoop neck dress, just about anything you can imagine. Do not layer your necklaces on a busy / printed dress or shirt as it would be of no use, it would rather just complicate the already busy pattern. With so many varieties of necklaces available today, it is important for you to keep these basic points in mind, keep looking out for images on the web for inspiration and most important of all, Trust your gut feeling about it and you will for sure look fab. Give a personal touch to your get up and make a new accessory every time; you layer on your neck pieces. You can now check out Voylla’s uber cool necklace collection Here. Flaunt what you've got (and layer them on) Shuchi K
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