The Great Online Shopping Festival 101

Today, everybody is aware of the retail therapy phenomenon, and strongly believes that there is nothing wrong with doing something that makes you feel good, uplifts your mood and cheers one up. Shopping is one activity which makes a million people happy. Nowadays with more and more brands having an online presence, the retail therapy sessions have become even more relaxing. All you need to do is dress up pretty but forget the hassle of travelling down the market for your cheering up session.  Pampering you with a huge products selection and discounts, spoiling you with options like home delivery, cash on delivery and easy returns, E-retail is almost the next big thing in India.  Last year there was a huge throbbing and abuzz created by the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) which happened on 12.12.12, and after a massive success it is ready for its second round which is scheduled for 13.12.13 this year.  In case you have been wondering what is the “Great Online Shopping Festival” all about?  Read all about it here. images  Gosf_logo_blue_with_date WHAT: The Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) is Google India’s version of Cyber Monday of the US. Here is a brief introduction to Cyber Monday.  It debuted in 2005, to promote the phenomenon of cyber shopping to the people. It’s a one day festival of huge discounts and deals, on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Usually the day after Thanksgiving, people start shopping for Christmas. The Cyber Monday has been a huge success till now for the customers as well as the E-tailers.  So here is what you can expect from the Great Online Shopping Festival, huge discounts along with all the benefits of shopping online. WHY: The main objective of Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival is to make people aware of growing online shopping options and to woo all the offline shoppers with all the luring discounts to try online shopping once. HOW How is it beneficial for E-tailers: All the E-tailers see a huge jump in their traffic on their site; people buy more as they are getting huge discounts for one day only; which in the end leaves them with high revenue and increased customer base. How it is beneficial for Google: Festivals like this create awareness among-st people about the nascent industry of online shopping in India and it also helps in getting a lot of people into the habit of shopping online. This would further lead to an increase of online business. As more and more brands come to sell online, the need to market and promote becomes all the more important, and all these e- commerce sites will rely on Google for advertisement and thus creating more business for Google. How is beneficial for customers: With a platform like this people get to know more about all the options available for online shopping, they are exposed to a wide variety of products, all the benefits of shopping online and to top it all  huge discounts. Here is what you can expect from We offer to you over 5000+ designer products in traditional, chunky, modern and gemstone category of jewellery and accessories in an assortment of colors, styles and designs, and pocket friendly prices.  So Gear up, gird your loins for your ultimate shopping experience with voylla. Come and join us in making your shopping experience a delightful one. Shuchi K
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