The Necklace & Necklines Guide

We all at some point of time do get confused about which necklace to pair with which top/dress. It is always tricky, a really nice top and an amazing necklace could make zero impact if they don’t look good together, it’s like a relationship, where both the sides have to complement each other and bring out the best of their companion. So here comes an end to the confusion of which necklace to go with which tee. Voylla brings to you to the ultimate guide of necklace and necklines. Read more for knowing which necklace to pick up for a particular neckline.

The Boat Neck:
The boat neckline can be quite a tricky one to accessorize. This neckline accentuates and enhances the shoulders and collarbones. Wearing short necklaces with it is a big NO NO, as would interfere with the neckline and thus create chaos, so it is best to wear long necklaces. Anything which is more than 25” long would suit it best. See how the celebs are doing it.

boat neckline

The Scoop Neck:
Scoop necks are very versatile ones, They provide you with a lot of area to play with,  short bibs or pendant necklaces or long necklaces go well with this. The only rule while accessorizing with necklaces on any neckline is avoiding the clash of the two. So, wearing a pendant necklace that falls right on the neckline will be of no good to anybody.


The V Neck:
One must be very careful while adorning a V neckline. It is always best to go with accessories which follow the V shape . Long Necklaces of minimum 18 inches in length will be the safest bet for the V.  You could also try a short necklace only if it also follows the v shape and sits on the neck in harmony with the neckline.

V neck

The Turtle Neck:
The Turtle neck is a very playful neckline. Almost everything goes this amazing neckline. A chunky Bib necklace, a collar necklace, long multi chains, a pendant necklace anything and everything looks good with this neckline. We would suggest statement bib necklaces for the utmost glam.


The Round Neck:
Round necks like turtle necks are also quite an easy cookie to crack, the formula is simple if the neck is high go for long necklaces and if the neckline is low, go for short necklaces which resemble the shape of the neckline, a beaded necklace or a collar necklace could work fine with it.

round neckline

The Square Neck:
You have to be a bit careful while accessorizing this neckline. Any angular necklace will destroy the whole look and feel of the square neckline. A choker necklace or a pearl string that sits just along with your neck is a safe option to go.

square neckline

The Strapless:
The neckline which gives you ample space to show off your chunky chokers. Short necklaces look best on this neckline. Though you can also go with long necklaces, layering a lot of long necklaces is also nice way to style this neckline but for an elegant red carpet look go for grand choker necklaces.


The Cowl Neck:

With all the drapery going on near your neck, its best to avoid chunky or long neck pieces when styling cowls. A small pendant necklace is the most you should do. One could also try and avoid wearing any necklace at all; going with bracelets and earrings could be a better option. So how the celebs have kept it simple by not wearing any necklace. but if you must, go with a small pendant.

The Asymmetric Neck:
When there is some asymmetry going on your neckline look for necklaces that are symmetrical, a long necklace which is more than 20” in length can work well with it. Choker necklaces also look good with this neckline.
asymm neckline


The Button Down Shirt: When it comes to accessorizing the shirt, you can never go wrong with a choker necklace or a long string of necklace. The long necklace gives the shirt a more playful look but for a serious look short necklaces are your best friend. See how the celebs do accessorize their shirts.

open button shirt
The Buttoned Up Shirt:  Wearing a buttoned up shirt has become a huge trend in the recent times. If you want to add a neck piece to this shirt, make sure that is something which sits close to the collars. A bib necklace is the perfect match. See how the celebs have rocked this trend.


buttoned up shirt
Now that all of you know how to team up your necklaces with all your tops and dresses, go out in confidence and make the world a stylish place.

Flaunt it all with panache !

Shuchi K

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