This Inspiring Story Of Dipali Will Make You Hopeful Today!

Dipali International Women’s DayI am Dipali and I work for Voylla. Originally from Bengal, when I first came to Jaipur, everything was new to me. A new culture, language, weather, food. 

From being a Bengali homemaker to a working woman, the transition has not been easy. When I first started working, the challenges of a new job nearly swept me away. This was because my job requires perfection, precision, sustained patience and lot of skill.

As a woman, a mother and wife, I have my apprehensions about working long hours and coming home after dark. But I guess all women in this country share my concerns. 

I have been through some heartbreaking moments. I lost my three-year-old girl in a mishap. That loss was unbearable. But work was a healer, as was time. I may not have healed completely; but I am absorbed in my job and family and hope to tide over these thoughts eventually.

Balancing family life with work was a challenge, as I had to fulfill many responsibilities – of a wife, a mother to my son and an employee of a company. 

I enjoy my job making moulds for jewelry. Hopefully, with time I will be promoted with more responsibilities. Success for me is how contented I feel every day. I don’t wish for anything more. As for sacrifices, I am ready to sacrifice everything for my family. 

 “International Women’s Day, in my opinion, is not just about celebrating womanhood, but a day to make women capable.” 

Joining this organization was one of my happiest moments, and continues to be so. The last time I felt so happy was when I gave birth to my son. 

For me, it’s not just a regular day at office. From a joint family in Bengal, and now with my husband and 10 year old son, the size of my family has not decreased. From the day I joined Voylla, I have felt as though I was part of a large family. 

It is not always money that motivates all of us here -  but also the quality time learning, earning and sharing experiences with a set of people who understand me. 

That, in my opinion, is extremely liberating and empowering. 

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