Tips to take care of your jewellery

Buying jewellery is a task and taking care of your prized possessions is even a bigger task. Check out the tips to keep your jewellery at its sparkling best!

Avoid spraying perfume after wearing your jewellery

If you wear perfume every day, it is best to wear your jewellery after at least ten minutes of spraying it. Let the chemicals settle in and then put on the jewellery. Also, beware of discoloration from hairspray. 




Remove your jewellery before taking a shower or entering into a swimming pool

Avoid wearing jewellery while taking a shower or entering into a swimming pool because it erodes in chlorinated water due to the harmful chemicals. One should avoid wearing jewellery during gym or exercise as the sweat is a potential threat in damaging the lustre of the jewellery.  Also, remove your jewellery while doing your household chores, like gardening, etc.

Clean your jewellery

Clean your jewellery using a mild liquid detergent. Detergent should be diluted before use where the detergent to water should be 1:4. Soak the jewellery into this solution and use a soft brush to clean it. Be gentle in the whole process as brushing too vigorously may cause damage to the setting. Do not use hard chemicals on pearls. 


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Store it in soft pouch

Store your jewellery pieces in a cloth pouch or a tissue paper separately as so as to avoid scratches. Ensure that the cloth or the box is not moist. Always, always keep your jewellery back in the box and not on the table or the side of the sink. You end up losing your jewellery in which you didn’t just invest financially but also emotionally.


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So follow these tips to retain your jewellery as good as new.  And if you already do all of the above and are craving to buy new jewellery, then log onto Happy Shopping! heart


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