Types OF South Indian Bridal Jewellery That's Trending In This Wedding Season

Jewellery, for a woman, is not less than a cloth on her body. Since ancient times, ornaments are an integral part of women’s life. Nowadays jewellery is all about fashion, and women wear a variety of jewellery on different occasions. On the auspicious day of marriage, a woman wears heavy necklaces, bangles, earrings, etc., while on other occasions a woman prefers to put on simple jewellery matching with their attire. In a country like India where every region has its own culture and religion, the southern part of India to has its own culture and religion. The South Indian Culture is essentially about the celebration of the eternal universe through the celebration of the beauty of the body and femininity. The women of South India are fascinated with jewellery. Even the people over here prefer to carry royalty with them. There are many types of jewellery in the South Indian tradition and each of them is unique as they define the culture of southern India. Each of the jewellery consists of different items like – necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, bracelets, mangalsutra, anklets, etc. South Indian pieces of jewellery are truly an epitome of their culture and traditions. They are deeply rooted in the traditions, beliefs, cultures, festivals, arts, the status of South Indian people. Jewellery is said to be a status symbol for South Indian.  Now when we talk about wedding functions of South Indian people, we know how much they are connected with jewellery.  South Indians spend lavishly on their wedding ceremonies because they know marriage is a one-time investment or spending. Indian Wedding is the most memorable and important day in the bride’s life. South Indian brides are fond of heavy jewellery. Their love for jewellery is eternal. Let us know about the different types of wedding jewellery.

1. Necklaces:-  

Necklace, the first and foremost thing that attracts a woman. It adds glow to her beauty and appearance. It has additional attachments inset into a necklace itself. The attachment typically includes precious and semi-precious materials such as diamond, ruby, stones, garnets, etc. Different types of necklaces which are generally seen in South Indian culture are Lakhsmi Haar, Mango Mala, Kasu Mala.
South India Antique Inspired Necklace Set South India Antique Inspired Necklace Set

2. Rings

A ring is an ornament that we wear in our fingers. It is usually designed from metals such as gold, platinum, silver, etc. Depending on different cultures, a wedding ring can be worn in the left or right ring finger. We find different engraving on the ring surface. Vanki and Meenaz rings are common in South Indian weddings.
Southern Bling Antique Style Ring Southern Bling Brass Floral Ring

3. Bangles & Bracelets:-

A bracelet is an ornament that is worn around the wrist. It is made up of different metals which contain stones, diamonds, crystal and many more materials engraved on it. Now let's come to the most commonly worn ornament that an Indian woman wears, that is bangles. Bangles carry a traditional value in Indian culture and are considered to be auspicious. Both married and young girls wear bangles. In the southern region, bangles are famous with names like kadas, valayal, gajju, bale and vanki.
Southern Bling Cutwork Design Bangles Southern Bling Cutwork Design Bangles

4. Hair Ornaments:-

Hair ornaments are of different types such as jadanagam, nethichutti, surya pirai and chandra pirai. South Indian brides are inclined towards Raakodi also known as juda pins. The brides love to decorate their buns with all the hair ornaments on special occasions of their wedding. 
Southern Bling Temple Inspired Hair Accessory Southern Bling Temple Inspired Hair Accessory

5. Mangalsutra:-

Mangalsutra, which originated from South India is a sacred thread and it depicts the marital status, dignity in the Indian Society. In southern states the mangalsutra is known by a different name:-
  • In Tamil – It is known as Thaali or Thirumangalyam.
  • In Kerala – It is known as Minnu and Ela or Elagu Thali.
  • In Telugu – It is known as Mangalasutramu, Pustelu, Maangalyam, Ramarthaali and Bottu.
Two Wati Goddess Laxmi Mangalsutra Necklace from Sanskriti Temple Goddess Faux Pearls Mangalsutra

6. Waistbands:-

A waistband is an ornament made up of different metals, which is worn around the waist. In southern culture, when an infant wears it, it is known as Aranjanam whereas when worn by women, it is known as Vaddanam. A waistband is a vital part of South Indian brides Jewellery.
voylla kamarband voylla kamarband

7. Anklets:-

The sound which is made by anklets signifies people that they should behave properly with a woman. Since ancient times, women were made to wear anklets compulsory after their wedding. Different metals like gold and silver are used to design anklets. 
Taal Mridang Tabla Motifs Anklet Taal Mridang Dholki Anklet

8. Toe rings:-

According to your Indian culture, since ancient times married women wear toe rings as it increases their chances of conception. A toe ring is known by three names in Southern India Mettelu in Telugu, Metti in Tamil and Kalungura in Kannada. It is also said that toe rings have ayurveda related benefits.
Zircon Gemstones Adorned Toe Ring CZ Gems Adorned Toe Ring
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