Update Your Ethnic Game!

Do you get murderous at the sight of another chaandbaali with a salwar kameez or sari? Your ethnic jewel game needs an update and here are five pieces that will do it for you.

Neon meenakari:

Bring in a pop of colour with some neon in traditional form — in jumps, large studs or haathphool. Neon meenakari has been all the rage after designer Manish Arora showed us how well it lent itself to even traditional jewelry pieces such as maangpattis. So get a few pieces and let them shout out loud.

manish aroraish earrings

Show some animal love:

Not the cute pieces such as dogs or cats — go wild and look for giraffes and bugs. Insect inspired jewelry is a little bit creepy, but in a  good way. It makes people look at your closely — is that a grasshopper on your sari? That’s one one awesome looking sari-pin! Remember, we’ve worn peacocks and elephant heads for too long. Give the other guys in the animal kingdom a chance.

animal ring

Minimalist pieces:

When everyone is wearing gold by the kilo, the surest way to stand out is by speaking softly. Wear dainty, minimalist jewelry pieces such as a single chain haath-phool, a solitaire as a maangtikka, a knuckle duster as a statement ring or ear cuffs in place of chandelier earrings. Ignore the ones who go “Haw!”. They’re just jealous!


Multipurpose items:

Buy pieces that serve more purpose than one — earrings that come with interchangeable danglers or flowers so you can contrast with your outfit, neck collars with detachable pendants; long, chain neckpieces that can be coiled as bracelets. Let them work overtime!

multipurpose necklace

Do the math:

Geometry is everywhere and it should be in your jewelry box too. When looking for a fun piece, go for stones that are unusual shapes, such as large rectangles or triangles. Art-deco pieces put shapes together — a circle with a square, closed off by a baguette. Imagine a collar like this with a silk kurta and you have the attention of the crowd.


Help us with more ideas in the comments below! #HappyShopping!

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