Voylla takes you Back to College

College. Canteen bustles with murmurs. Piles of photocopied notes the day before exam. Jokes still finding their places between over sweetened watery tea in plastic glasses and extra-fried maggi plates.


College. A change from the norm , looking out for yourself, living your own way and excitement for the unknown. And college. Where bunking seems more profitable than sticking to your task. Where every heartbreak is healed by chocolate ice-creams and a bunch of happy friends. Friends-Unsaid Gods !

This College season, adorn the latest fashion trends from Voylla! Allow us to make every moment stylishly special for you ! Discover yourself through jewelry. So girls , let your jewels speak !


Back to College :


For those who dare, the bold. The fearless. Check out our newest trends for men :


Back to College


Visit us for more back-to-college bonanza ! Appreciate the heartbreaks , appreciate the strict proffessors , appreciate the randomness college life brings to you . Because once you're done with it , it's sure to bring you a rush of nostalgia and a roll down the cheek.


Get back to college , with us . Voylla -always beautiful !

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