Why Is Voylla's New Collection The Talking Point Everywhere?

Think of vibrant attires and intricate embellishments.. Think of electrifying colors and the rich culture of Rajasthan.. Think of artifacts and relics that were lost in the sands of time.. Think of those dancers who emanate all this and much more! Presenting Folklore collection where our designers have paid homage to the style and movement of the Bhawai dancers. Not only their dance is phenomenal but their vivacious attires are also worth taking note of. Each piece of the collection journeys deep into the heart of Rajasthan Dancers and reflects the exquisite life of the deserts.earrings folklore The new collection by Voylla boasts of ethno-contemporary designs while delivering high-quality jewelry. The designs are inspired by the motifs of the earthen pots and the flow and the colors of the attires of the dancers. One of the raw materials used in making the jewelry is silk tassel inspired by the flow of Ghagra (skirt of dancers). Other materials include small mirrors and enamel which are inspired by their colorful attires. The motifs of earthen pots have been captured beautifully in choker necklaces, ear cuffs, and hand-harness. As Bhawai dancers adorn themselves from head-to-toe, Voylla has introduced oxidised jewelry from top to bottom including head accessories, hand harness, armlets, necklaces, statement-rings, earrings, ear cuffs, and more to get the perfect oxidised tribal look. The earring with the descending rounds and enamel come together in an exquisite portrayal of the earthen pots carried by the Bhawai dancers.2000-+ù-1500-folklore-03 The arrangement of the rounds and enamel combine to elucidate the pots carried by the Bhawai dancers in this hand harness.2000-+ù-1500-folklore-01   As the morning sun rises the women of deserts are seen carrying earthen pots to fetch water. The motif of the earthen pots and the vivid colors of the ensemble of the women have been captured and incorporated using colorful enamel and beads. 2000-+ù-1500-folklore-04   Let us conclude with these lines- We dance for laughter, we dance for tears..  We dance for madness, we dance for fears…  We dance for hopes, we dance for screams..  We are the dancers, we create the dreams! 1.-httpwww.rajasthanvisit.comImagesBhawaiDance4.jpg #HappyShopping!
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