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    Silver Nose Pins: stunning 925 sterling silver nose pin
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    stunning 925 sterling silver nose pin
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    Nose Pins: 925 sterling silver nose pin for fabulous you
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    925 sterling silver nose pin for fabulous you
    Pins Nose Pins

Designer Nose Pins For Women Online

Nose pins are a staple fashion accessory in contemporary fashion. These accessories originated in the Middle East and were brought to the Indian subcontinent during the sixteenth century. Indian tradition is ripe with pictures, antique items, scriptures and carvings of Mughal emperors and women in the royal households wearing lavish nose pins and nose ring gold accessories.

Wearing a nose pin has Ayurvedic benefits. As per this ancient traditional practice, piercing the nose with nose studs on certain nodes on the nose helps regulate the menstrual cycle in women. There was a preference of piercing the left nostril with nose pin design accessories. Nowadays, fashionable nose pins are being worn on the right nostril as well. There is no hard and fast rule on which nostril to wear nose pins.

Voylla’s diamond nose pin and gold nose pin designs are made fusing the glorious designs of the past with future-forward symmetries. These gold nose ring accessories are comfortable to wear and suit any face shape. Be it a sharp nose, a small nose, a wide chin or a short chin – these beautiful nose pin designs can be worn by all. They also blend perfectly with any outfit – Indian or western.

Voylla creates different types of nose pins – this is the perfect store for nose pin online shopping. A floral nose pin is one that can be seen worn by actresses in popular Bollywood movies. Floral nose pins can be seen worn by the fashion conscious people as well. This is because floral nose pins catch everyone’s attention immediately. Being a beautiful centerpiece accessory, a floral nose pin is hard to miss. Buy such a nose pin online from Voylla – get a charming accessory right away!

A stud nose pin gold accessory gives a chic and sleek appearance. It suits well with a casual, semi-casual and ethnic outfit. Yet again, this nose pin suits any nose shape. It also looks good on women of all age groups. Being petite yet prominent, it adds subtlety, simplicity and sophistication to the overall appearance. Buy nose studs online and combine them with a Voylla pendant, bracelet, earring and finger ring. Give the appearance a boost!

A hook Indian nose pin suits sharp and pointed noses. But this does not mean they cannot be worn by those with different nose shapes. Voylla’s loop nose pin versions are modified so that they can look good on any nose. Looped nose pins were restricted to traditional outfits. But recently, trendy fashion stores such as Voylla create hybrid loop varieties that make them blend with modern outfits.