10 Things About Men's Dressing That Every Woman Absolutely Hates

They say that love and hate is subjective. One person’s food is another person’s poison. What looks like a great pair of flip-flops for someone might look like a pair of flop-flops for someone else. What could classify as t-shirt that shows a finely built body for someone could be a turnoff for someone else who might consider this as narcissistic dressing! So it is ideal to find the right balance – this is true for men because most women absolutely hate some dressing patterns. The following are some of them.

Showing chest hair is a turn off!

Whether it wearing that body-hugging t-shirt or that glazing format shirt, showing even the scantest of chest hair is a turn off. Well – that’s not what men thought of! They thought that showing chest hair was a sign of manliness! But women think otherwise!

Wearing no jewelry

Women find jewelry on men as a sign of innate confidence. Whether it is an earring or a pendant or a bracelet; a man is super attractive to women when he has jewelry on. But men think only women wear jewelry. Yet again – women think otherwise!

Bad bad shoes will make her say bye! Bye!

03-blogWomen love footwear – at least most do. But men think that they climb mountains, walk through trenches, and do all the rugged activities. This means that their feet don’t need the same attention as their hair or face. But little do they know that a woman loves a man who has the neatest, trendiest and appropriate shoes on.

The scent of a man

01-blogGood smelling men are more attractive than good looking men with no body odor or bad body odor. So men could do well, in fact really well, in fact really really well if they just invested in some perfumes. A good smell or odor from a man is very attractive to a woman.

Beltless pants and pants worn below the waist

Women hate it when men wear pants below the waist. It is not just a bad dressing style but disqualifies men on many other fronts such as personal organization, fitness and so on. Pants with no belts are a turn off as well. So men can’t afford to not buckle up on this front!

Tracksuit pants are not to be treated as trousers

Men make the cardinal mistake of projecting their sporty side by wearing tracksuits all the time. But somehow women are not impressed. Tracksuits are only when doing a physical activity such as exercise. Did this come as a shock to men?

Skinny jeans

02-blogSkinny jeans even on a man with thick and big legs look un-cool for women. Instead, moderately tight jeans with a good fit is a big YES. The notion that skinny jeans project

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