Bollywood Movies Where Men Flaunted Their Accessories!

It is not often that you get to see an accessory take center-stage in a movie. More often than not accessories are just that – accessories. They are not intended to capture more attention than the protagonist. But sometimes, an accessory defines a character in a movie. It becomes a cult fashion item that inspires people to wear it. Bollywood has several such instances where accessories defined a character and became an indispensable part of that character. The following are some of those Bollywood movies.

Tere Naam - Bracelet

Blog-Resize-3This is a Salman Khan bracelet that will never go out of fashion. He wears it in the movies and off them. He wore it in Tere Naam which captured everyone’s attention. Incidentally, this is his lucky accessory. Tere Naam did well at the box office. And from then there’s no looking back for him. His fans swear by this accessory made famous by him. It was never a passing trend, because it appeared in many other films as well. The trend has stayed for a decade and counting. The blue stone studded accessory has defined him as an actor and as a person. So it could be quite a miss if he is not seen with this accessory. Now is the time to purchase a Salman Khan bracelet online to stay with the times!

Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Hanuman Pendant

Blog-Resize-4Strength is not in words, but in actions and deeds. The lovable protagonist in Bajrangi Bhaijaan is pure at heart, but nevertheless strong in character and will. So it was fit for this character to wear the Hanumaan pendant. This Bajrangi locket stuck in public memory. A hanuman gada pendant such as this is now a cult accessory of all pendants for men, and will stay this way for a long time. So if you are looking for a Bajrangi Bhaijaan locket, buy online. Also get yourself a salman bracelet. Online shopping allows you access to genuine accessories at affordable prices.

Brothers: Catholic Pendant

Blog-Resize-1The Catholic Pendant in Brothers stole everyone’s attention. Complementing the brawny heroes in the film, namely Askhay Kumar, Siddharth Malhotra and Jackie Shroff, this accessory was a perfect fit for this brawny context. A catholic pendant might have found its way to several other films in Bollywood or Hollywood. But it was in this film where it was distinguished by its presence.

PK: Rudraksh Chain

Blog-Resize-2In PK, Aamir Khan plays a mystery man who was sent from above to come and change the way people thought about faith. He immortalized the Rudraksh Chain, where this accessory was seen in several fashionable avatars. Rudraksh Chains are currently a bare necessity in any fashion ensemble. Not having one attracts more attention than having one!

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