Unisex Accessories

Gender neutral accessories or unisex accessories are a new-gen fashion trend that is going to be the next wave of the millennium. The new generation is a sophisticated lot. There are no gender stereotypes or conventional way of thinking. This type of thinking has led to unisex fashion - what can be worn by a woman, can also be worn by a man and vice-versa. Shopping and dressing without limitations and prejudices are cool – everything else is passé. Nowadays apart from men’s and women’s sections, there are unisex sections at clothing stores too. The fashion industry is witnessing high profile fashion jewelry that can be worn by men and women. So it becomes a case for convenience – purchase jewelry that anyone can wear!


Blog-Resize-4Voylla has an extensive collection of unisex earrings catering to people of all ages. From the serial party-hopper to the beach-shack reveler to the solitude seeker – there are scores and scores of earrings to stay fashionable all the time. Choose any unisex design from this collection and wear it with pride. Look different without much effort!


Blog-Resize-2Let the hands become a placeholder of all things bold, beautiful and brilliant. The hands are a human being’s tools to achieve the impossible. So why not adorn the hands with some unisex rings for girls, boys, men and women? Voylla’s unisex rings are a class apart with brilliant designs, original forms, and amazing detailing.


Blog-Resize-5Sheer imagination is not restricted to poets, musicians, painters or sculptors. It is also very much in abundance with Voylla designers. These unisex bracelets for men & women are an output of sublime imagination. This aspect makes them standout bracelets that will capture everyone’s awe. Don’t be surprised when people say “Awwww! What a bracelet!”


Blog-Resize-3Elegance can be macho as much as it can be feminine. Subtlety is not purely a feminine quality; it can be a man’s quality too. Voylla pendants and lockets for men and women have such qualities that befit the modern man’s and modern women’s way of thinking. This is progressive thinking – and is depicted with the progressive design of Voylla’s accessories. Wear one today and lead the change – a change for the better.


Blog-Resize-1There is a difference between an ordinary necklace and an extraordinary one. The ordinary necklace will stop exciting the wearer. The extraordinary will simply make the wearer feel better and better with each passing minute. Welcome to the world of Voylla’s spellbinding necklaces for men and women – choose one and become ready to feel better and better! Be it cross necklaces for men and women or CZ stone embedded ones – every accessory is worth a purchase!

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