Heavy Metal or Hard Rock?

Music is food for the soul and an attitude that can be carried as a personal style statement. Someone who identifies with psychedelic music and its impact on them can incorporate stylized jewelry that portrays this preference. Similarly, for those who like hard rock music, there are several pendants and bracelets from Dare by Voylla to showcase this personal preference. It is a different type of fashion – one that celebrates a personal music taste and also helps build a personal identity based on the musical preference. Dare by Voylla has hundreds of such designs to cater to every type of music lover, which can also serve as gifts for music lovers. So this gives a chance for music lovers to not only hear their music, but wear their music.

Psychedelic fashion


Pscyhedelic fashion based on a heightened appreciation of music that produces an experience that is unusual. Dare by Voylla produces such accessories with form, texture, and shapes that can be worn by psychedelic music lovers as their personal style statements. Quirky and unusual designs are for those who want to take the road less taken. The best music bands nowadays rely on Voylla to look vogue and wicked!

Heavy metal fashion


The classic leather jacket, camouflage trousers, jeans, and cool bands – all of this make up a heavy metal enthusiast’s costume. But Voylla makes it possible to wear pendants, bracelets, finger rings, earrings, necklaces and several other accessories to look a hard-core heavy metal junkie as well! Sometimes jewelry does all the talking – in this case, more the accessories, more is the hard rock fashion quotient.

Thrash metal fashion


Black is always a staple color associated with thrash metal fashion. Be it t-shirts, trousers or wrist bands – black features prominently with any thrash metal music band. Dare by Voylla has several black themed accessories across all categories for the avid thrash metal lover. No need to go all black, just sport some Dare by Voylla accessories and become a thrash metal rock star! Or give out these musical gifts to someone who can’t take their ears of thrash metal.

Death metal fashion


Looking like a death metal musical band lover is an art. It helps to have long hair, but if that’s not possible a long Dare by Voylla chain is all that is required. Hats are a prominent feature as well. Wear Dare by Voylla earrings along with a hat to look complete. A black band t-shirt with a skull head is very much death metal. Complement that with a stunning Dare by Voylla pendants – look death metal quality yet full of life!

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