How To Wear Your Rudraksh

A Rudraksh mala is a fashionable accessory that also has a spiritual connotation. In general, Dare by Voylla Rudraksh accessories is handsomely crafted. They are also known to provide peace, contentment, prosperity and inner strength to wearers. A Rudraksh bead is known to be endowed with mystic powers that are manifested by the process of chanting mantras. Now in the current millennium, a Rudraksh mala not only possess the mystic mantra but has the style mantra too. Here are some Rudraksh style tips that can make Rudraksh an irreplaceable part of everyday wear.


A Rudraksh mala, chain, bracelet or for that matter any accessory is so versatile that it can go with any outfit. Be it tight fit jeans with a bicep-hugging t-shirt or mountain boots with a striped jacket and blue jeans, or a traditional flowing ethnic suit – these accessories blend with the outfits. High street fashion has zillions of styles. Combine any of these styles with Dare by Voylla accessory fashion. Wear bracelets, finger rings and Rudraksha pendants rings to name a few. Get into a league that is hard for others to catch up.



Merely wearing Rudraksha beads in the form of bracelets or chains is not enough – the key is to combine it with rings such as the CZ studded varieties from Dare by Voylla. Another option is bracelets embellished with semi-precious stones or metallic bracelets. Chains and studs also give a majestic appearance that is hard to miss. Together, a combinational look consisting of many different varieties of accessories gives a completely authentic look.


Choose a Rudraksh pendant design or bracelets that are appealing, different, unique, intriguing and stunning. It’s difficult to find such Rudraksh accessories – but the Dare by Voylla fashion store has a myriad of designs that are stunners, to say the least. Wearing them should not just balance the outfit, but bring equal focus to the accessory. When it comes to bracelets, layering bracelets of all varieties is perennially fashionable. Combine a hipster bracelet, with a Rudraksh beaded bracelet and layer it with a metallic bangle bracelet – get set to step out with a unique fashion sense.


Unlike some misinformation that Rudraksh should not be worn while eating or sleeping, the fact is that Rudraksh can be worn all the time. On average, Rudraksh beads can be worn 12-14 hours a day. This much time is enough to get the healing powers of the beads to be transmitted throughout the entire body.

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