Important Grooming Tips For Men By Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor has always been the perfect balance of brawn, brains and chocolate boy looks. His dimples are as pronounced as his innocent disarming smile. He carries a rugged chiseled physique as much as he carries his carefree boy-next-door swag. When it comes to fashion, there is something striking and unusual in his selections. Here are some essential grooming tips for those who want to catch up with him.


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Wear a printed traditional Indian overcoat and combine it with bows. Look like the majestic Indian prince in the holiday mood. Wear some Dare by Voylla cufflinks to accentuate such an outfit. Another pertinent option is to wear men’s long or short chains and necklaces. Bring on a sheath of jewelry, combine it with this hybrid look, and look like a global mogul.


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Wear a checked overcoat buttoned at the center over a loose fitting shirt. Hold the swag with tight fit jeans and boot-like sneakers. Look intently even when gazing without purpose. It’s about a stiff jaw-line and a stiffer resolve. Combine this look with Dandy bracelets from Dare by Voylla. There is no one as readier as you.



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Carrying an easy air is possible if an outfit is combined with the right accessories. This style is of someone who doesn’t try too hard – yet magic happens. So don’t try too hard – just do what is enough. Be original – wear original – wear original designs from the Dare by Voylla fashion store. Put on a full-sleeve overcoat, torn jeans, simple sneakers – combine it with leather pendants and bracelets. Don’t look like the odd one out – look like the even one out of the odds!



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Hold your ground with a flowing flawless black kurta top. Wear black trousers and official black shoes. It’s a full-black appeal that is hard to miss. Slip into that limousine and zip away. For best results, wear Dare by Voylla gold chains and finger rings. Even a single or dual-tone Dare by Voylla men’s necklace can work wonders.

Rings-for-men-blog-05SPACE STATION STYLE

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After a day’s worth of gravity defying stunts, it’s time to roll some dice, play with the favorite parrot, and sport some space station funky fashion. Wear a tight-fit bicep hugging t-shirt and folded jeans with teethed boots. A red hat is loosely fitted, ready to be taken off in reverence or respect or love or admiration with a charismatic bow towards the other person. Wear Dare by Voylla metal pendants and bracelets to catch everyone by surprise – because you are surprisingly refreshing. Now everyone wants you to take them to outer space.



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