Must Own Accessories For Wanderlust

While most of us are proud homebodies, who thrive on the 9 to 5 routine, there are some who are born to travel, explore the world, and can’t stay at home for days on end. With adventure in their soul and a thirst for all that’s new, the wanderlust men are always on the go, busy catching the first flight out of town to the remotest of places or the most exotic ones.

If the above description fits you to the T and if you can’t help but nod your head with all that we have to say so far, then you’re in the right place, as we have some amazing accessories that can add the perfect edge to your next getaway!

Leather Bracelet

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If you’re a loud and proud mountain man, who can’t get enough of the rough terrains, then this is the perfect pick for you. Made with quality leather and minimalistic design, this will add the perfect layer of style to your edgy adventures.

Braided Bracelet

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If life is a beach wherever you go, then this is a must-have for you. Quirky, cool, and hippy - this will infuse the right amount of zest to your quest.

Trendy Bracelet

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 Are you someone who loves exploring with a bulky camera in hand that captures the soul of the places you visit? If so, then this will add the X factor to your inherent style. Whether you love to wear your casual tees or those rugged Khadi kurtas with ripped jeans, this one will be a standout piece for sure.


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Love luxury getaways that come packed with oodles of high-spirited fun? If so, then don your wrist with and get sailing on a cruise already! Simple, yet cool, this will grab eyeballs wherever you set your feet.

Beaded Bracelet

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Last but definitely not the least is our , which is a hot pick for all bead lovers. Unique in style, and chic in design, this piece is ideal for guys who love living the ‘chilled’ life.

 Packed your bags and ready to go? Don’t forget to pick your favorites from Dare by Voylla before you fly off, and enjoy living the wanderlust life with the perfect accessories by your side.

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