Camp Royale- Your Royal Signature

If you are wondering about this decorative design that has inspired the Camp Royale collection, let us give you the story. This is a stylised lily that has been used by European monarchies for centuries, on their coats of arms and other royal signatures. But most importantly, it has been adopted by the French and Spanish Monarchies symbolizing pride, honors, power, and so on. One little flower and such a  grand piece of history aren’t it? So every time you wear a pendant, a ring or a bracelet from the Camp Royale collection, you are earning the right to strut your style, just like the Europeans.  


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Here’s our pick from the lot. A dazzling black and gold pendant that is a sure-fire conversation starter:


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A Solid black pendant crafted in oxidized metal. Perfect for our casual tees.

And this ring  - Solid. Style.

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Time to brush up your French eh?

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