Rugged Riders- Leave Your Mark

Men will be boys. And nothing gets the boys more excited than the call of the open road. (Okay, girlfriends come close!) The open rad, the wind in the wild hair, the grease and the grime and the camaraderie of boys on wheels. And life is an endless adventure. That is the soul of this collection Rugged Riders and we bring you some of the standout picks that have won over our brand ambassador, the eternal Roadie by heart, Rannvijay.

A robust leather and metal combo that will never go out of style and bring out the best of your manly wrists.

Bolt from the blue? As far as quirky goes, this boldt and bead pendant is a sure-fire hit. Don’t take our word it, wear it...


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Burn some tar. Leave you mark wherever you ride in this pendant. Crafted in high-quality leather, designed to last long. Really long.


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Go ahead boys, gear up!

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