5 Must Have Contemporary Jewelry Styles

The world is full of choices and so is Dare by Voylla. But unlike the world where you have to choose wisely, at Dare by Voylla you can choose at abandon, at random and with freedom. The following are some prized picks – best sellers amongst the best sellers.

Adjustable Rings 


Picture this – a sprawling mansion, a velvet bordered limousine, a flourishing meadow called a golf course and a jaguar ring on the finger. That’s the high life – of bonfire nights and barbeque day fashion. Whether it’s playing lacrosse with cigar buddies or cuddling with a fluffy best friend, it’s all done in style and unassailable charisma.

Wear the adjustable jaguar head men’s ring to portray a fashion statement of an expensive boy who lives in an expensive glass house. Put on some Dare by Voylla bracelets, pendants – get into the convertible and take your gardener for a spin. You are the prince-next-door who can walk with kings, but not lose the common touch.

108 Rudraksh Chain


Your garage is piled with electrodes, LEDs, circuit boards and analog devices – you know the difference between calculus and algebra. You are a tinkerer, builder, thinker and revolutionary. Curiosity is your forte – you wear a Rudraksha chain – there is a power within you that is waiting to explode.

Wear the Rudraksha beaded long chain to portray a person with a mission. Fit in some Dare by Voylla finger rings and be the leader of the fashion parade of the meteor gazing club.

Rugged Rider Pendant

You are a bold font, with lots of Calibri. Your fun-filled rider meetings with the homies are beside the graffiti walls down the street. You have read Tolstoy to Tupac. You know to select flowers, fruits, and friends. Everybody wants a taste of your throttle – they vie to be one among your pillions.

Wear a Rugged Riders Wrench pendant to show a will of steel – someone who can peel potatoes with perfection, and tie shoelaces of kids. Choose a vogue rogue pendant fashion accessory that’s the dangling glory of an achiever.



When work is play – you are never a cost to the company – rather an asset to the company. You sit in your corner office overseeing the west coast. The sharpened pencils in the pencil stand personify your meticulous perfection.

Wear a perfect gold ottoman cufflink to look like a fashionable chief executive who loves approving leaves. With a sparkling off-white shirt and amazing ottoman cufflinks step into an after-hours party. Get the DJ to hand over the console to you!


Rudraksh Cuff Bracelet 

A canvas is waiting for your brushstroke. A guitar is waiting for you to strum it. A piece of paper wants your words. You are born to create, entertain, spread happiness and live it up in style. So it makes sense to wear a gold-plated Om Cuff Bracelet with Faux Rudraksha.Wear an Om Cuff bracelet over a fashionable two-piece hybrid suit that combines flannel

Wear an Om Cuff bracelet over a fashionable two-piece hybrid suit that combines flannel denim. Nobody can define you-you are constantly being discovered. Melt into an ethnically embroidered kurta with an Om Cuff Bracelet. You are a charmer on the loose!


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