5 Funky Accessories For Every Biker

Vroom Vroom! Rev up that engine and scorch the tarmac as you speed away into the horizon. Signify a distinguished presence when in the company of a four-cylinder monster that is waiting for you to mount on it. This is a beast that only you can tame – ride it with a sense of pride – flaunt some of these brilliant biker accessories to complete your look.

Dare Band Style Ring 


Wear this Dare Band Style Ring to underline a personal fashion style that is based on rock-solid principles of poise, precision, and speed. You are a speedster who dares – not just on an empty stretch of speedway but even amongst a group of people. You dare to dress differently to make an impact. This Dare Band portrays a daring yet caring attitude – you are the real deal! Slip into a tuxedo blazer with a casual tight-fit t-shirt and attend that Big Boys Bash with this Dare ring on. You are the one who is invited everywhere by default!

Bike Chain Pendant


Grease on the palm is a sign of someone who loves to tinker with roadster machines. Be it tuning an engine, modifying an exhaust system, or fixing a crank-shaft – it’s that stuff that gives you goosebumps. When on the bike, with the bike or without the bike you are at your fashionable best. You always have that biker synergy in you. This chain is for those who have that biker synergy in them. Life’s a journey, but very few make it into an adventure. You are the one who makes it into an experience.

Cycle Chain Designer Bracelet


A linked chain-style bracelet such as this is legendary as well as modern. This style was seen in legendary biker movies. But the modern era demands a new avatar of the linked chain-style bracelet. This bracelet is just that – a new conception of the classical biker bracelet. Wear it and shift into high gear fashion without a moment’s hesitation! Portray a subtle yet endearing machismo that is hard to miss. Be a hit with everyone who meets you! You are the Robin Hood who steals only hearts!

Ear Stud 

Perfection is sometimes in subtle yet sophisticated simplicity. It is that simmering mystery that keeps everyone on their toes when you walk into the room. Wear this fashionable ear stud to portray a cool biker fashion – someone who can even navigate ships and fly planes too. You are an all-encompassing speed addict – but you are addicted to modern fashion such as this – such as this ear stud that says little but speaks volumes.

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