Five Picks For Your Boardroom Look

Boardroom meetings are now not boredom meetings anymore. Thanks to Voylla’s energetic design essentials, make a sparkling entry, presence, and exit in every boardroom session. Look the best without trying too hard – with subtle finesse and sophistication. An intelligently dressed professional is regarded very highly – and Voylla’s accessories are intelligently crafted to portray a professional with substance and style.

Oval Detailing Bracelet

An oval office is where the accomplishments are designed, planned and eventually celebrated. An oval detailing bracelet is the man who walks the talk – performance speaks louder than words. Wear this oval bracelet that conveys simple yet striking sophistication. Let the stainless steel quality and shine essay a professional and personal radiance that is unmatched. Wear it with any official attire – own the moment – make every minute worth your time.

Dual Tone Bracelet

DBV_blog_7thoct1Constructive ideas come only from a constructive mind. Such a person also wears progressive and constructive fashion. This stunning bracelet has a linked “constructed” finish – a fitting fashion accessory for a man in construction – a man who is always on the sunny side. Combine rational modern fashion with your favorite outfits – wear them to office and feel the energy building within. Sport such Voylla bracelets and give your career a fillip.

Silver Plated Bracelet 

DBV_blog_7thoct2Men are always not from Mars. Some men are Earthy yet out of this world! Such men wear fashion such as this Franco Chain Link Bracelet. This fashion accessory is a perfect example of scintillating boardroom fashion. When worn over the wrist, it showcases a unique sense of aura, power, perfection, and precision of a person. Not to forget that it is youthful and classic – a heady blend of poise and speed. This is a time to seize the initiative and forge ahead with a personal style that is leap-years ahead. Wear Voylla to make a difference!

Cuff Bracelet

DBV_blog_7thoct3Style comes naturally – it is an offshoot of the personality. Be it the boardroom or the billiards room, looking stylish comes naturally for the Voylla accessory lover. Work is play, but play never works – it is that spirit and philosophy that is inculcated in the design of the Stylish Dual Cuff Bracelet for Men. Featuring a unique silver-plated rope design, it’s stand out quality is its simple yet unmistakable design.

Dual Tone Cuff Bracelet

A glamorous professional is no more an imaginary character seen in television serials or at the movies. Make it a reality – wear a Dare by Voylla Men’s Cuff Bracelet – put on a velvet blazer and matching tie – and march into the boardroom. Light up the meeting – make the non-listeners listen – exude that power. A modern accessory such as this is a fitting accessory to a flawless professional.

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