Accessorizing Date Look For Men

First impressions are the best impressions. They have a lasting impact – so it is important to make the best use of the first interaction with someone in order impress them. A date is one such example where the first impression matters. For most men, what to wear on a first date with someone is a confusing affair. Here are some tips.

Dinner Date

A dinner date is a classic setting to meet someone. A classic look that has timeless value is a blue blazer worn over a spotless white shirt with a pair of jeans and brown leather shoes. Combining this look with cufflinks, metallic bracelets, and a nice appealing belt makes for an impactful first impression. Not to forget those dinnertime shades; it might not be sunny, but the wearer is one sunny personality!


Coffee Date

As much as dinner dates, coffee dates are common as well. Unlike the former, the latter is more casual and is all about getting to know each other in a light-hearted setting and context. On a coffee date, sporting a yellow or any bright colored printed shirt over a t-shirt with boots is all it takes to create a breezy first impression. Wearing some funky bracelets or braided bracelets is like the icing on the cake. It is time to make an accessorized and cool-looking first impression. The cooler the hotter!

Beach Date

A beach can be a fabulous destination for a date. The sound of the gushing waves, seabirds and sea winds triggers a romantic pulse that is hard to miss. Looking cool and relaxed is the mantra on a beach date. A loose-fitting t-shirt, preferably white with knee-length trousers, beach shoes and shades is adequate on a beach date. More importantly, wearing funky pendants can create a stellar first impression.


Bike Date

Two consenting lovers on a bike whizzing away through the streets is a nice sight to see. A biking sojourn, short or long distance with a date is a great way to start a potential relationship. The best look for this occasion is dressing up in all-black attire. Black leather overcoat over a black biker t-shirt; worn over black jeans and high boots. Wear some rugged biker accessories such as biker bracelets to get into the mood. Make the bike date a memorable one; celebrate the arrival of the date on the scene by gifting them a bracelet or pendant. Be different!


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